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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aamyko, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Yes, both as a celebrity and fashion icon as well as a bop-provider.
  2. The tea is scalding hot. So true.
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  3. Also: Play.

    Don't let it's #3 UK chart peak fool you, it was #1 in my and many other ten year old hearts.
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  4. Me too!
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  5. I think her lack of mega hits post - 2005 maybe has skewed her popularity in some peoples minds. She was a massive star 99-04. Like maybe 2nd only to Britney. Her run of hits in those years would be enough to secure her big gigs. I mean she didn't get the Super Bowl because of I'm Into You and Dance Again (although bops!).
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  6. Her early hits really were huge. It's actually kind of curious how she fell off.
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  7. I think the end of her engagement and Gigli's failure turned her into a bit of a joke and there was some backlash, but they didn't do enough course correction. Rebirth didn't offer anything new musically and added nothing to her narrative, and there weren't any other obvious hits apart from Cherry Pie and maybe Step Into My World. Her ultra controlled/luxe image wasn't exciting or alluring anymore when people like Paris and Lindsay took over Hollywood
  8. There was definitely some overexposure involved in the wake of Bennifer. But she was also 34/35 when Rebirth came out. Airplay was gonna diminish, even though the ageism wasn’t quite as bad then as it would become. Add into that the album wasn’t very strong. Then with Brave she was quite pregnant and didn’t do a ton of promo.

    I think she was also a little lost during this time and she’s talked about that a bit. Her movie career was at a standstill, Marc didn’t love the “J.Lo” image and I think she was unsure of how to proceed at the time. She never felt like a has been, but she also didn’t feel relevant. American Idol really did rejuvenate her career, which is weird to think about now.
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  9. She was absolutely huge in the UK, please don't get it twisted! Maybe not an album seller, but pretty much straight through from If You Had My Love to Jenny From The Block she scored hit after hit for three or four years running. She was constantly played on the radio and video channels, kinda like Rihanna went on to do. Not to mention she was a huge celebrity with a lot of media interest, so got a lot of coverage in UK newspapers and magazines.
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  10. Nail meets head.

    I think Gigli being presented as an "uncool flop" tainted her image, more than any "overexposure", and she simply didn't do enough to fight back.

    Example: She's a better actress than people give her for, and that is in no small part thanks to "Gigli" making her a bit of a joke in that regard.

    Note: I never even saw "Gigli" but that was besides the moment, the message that J-Lo was a desperate flop made it to me.
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  11. Gigli isn’t a good movie but it is hardly one of the worst movies ever made. The reaction to it was so overblown, but that was a reaction to their exposure more than anything.
  12. I had grown up on the od JLO bop (#justiceforHoldItDontDropIt)but had somewhat forgotten her by 2011. I remember On The Floor preimering and being absolutely massive. It was everwhere. On every radio, played at every school function, on every music channel, it was people's ringtones on the street. It was a moment. It always reminds me of summer.
  13. If she did do Glastonbury, and did this as a setlist , it would surely be one of the best 'Legend slots' of all time ! Banger after banger after banger - what a party it would be !

    On The Floor
    Good Hit
    I'm Into You
    (What is) Love ?
    Run The World
    Until It Beats No More
    One Love
    Invading My Mind
    Starting Over
  14. I also think she didn’t really build a fanbase that would clap back at haters, incessantly talk about her legacy on social media (some of them for publications they’d work in) and keep her afloat during her “flop years”. She came out the gate too glam and high life, which little girls couldn’t relate to. Though to be fair, as mentioned age is a factor. She started her music career in her 30s. The Ashanti controversy doesn’t help either and always kills her credibility when it resurfaces every now and then.
  15. Gigli and the Bennifer overexposure pretty much destroyed her film credibility and then her music career slowed down after Get Right. It also probably didn't help that she didnt have enough time to actually tour her albums during her heyday. Do it Well did reasonably well enough but as others have said, once again the attentioned shifted from her work to her personal life with the pregnancy. When she finally came back in 2009 with Louboutins it really felt like no one was here for her, and despite her best efforts at promoting it, she really felt like totally irrelevant and inconsequential to the music scene . So 2009-2011 was really the wilderness years of her career, both musically and acting wise.

    Then she got on American Idol, totally shed her diva image which was another heavily mocked aspect of the JLO brand, she had an amazing worldwide hit with On The Floor and even though she wasn't able to sustain that level of success she's now openly regarded as an entertainment industry legend and veteran, which she didnt have at all in the late 2000s. And she still managed to score a significant number of worldwide hits with Into You, Dance Again, Booty, Aint Your Mama and Dinero. She has amassed an incredible singles catalogue by now and the Super Bowl solidified her as a must-see live performer.
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  16. Even ‘Baby I Love U’ was a hit in the UK, which says it all really.
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  17. Sis it’s Glastonbury not Mighty Hoopla: JLo Edition. Those demos!

    yes to Hypnotico though
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  18. Love? is her best album but performing it in it's almost entirety? No ma'am. Especially when you don't include Charge Me Up.
  19. I think they were joking, that she should just perform LOVE?
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  20. I'm aware, but even in joke worlds Charge Me Up does not deserve this omission.
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