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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aamyko, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. I think what can be over looked with Jennifer, is that her 'team' is/was some of the best in the business. During the Bennifer-era she sacked a lot of that team, including her long-time manager Benny Medina. Ben Affleck tried to get rid of Benny as he was ever present in their relationship (including going with them on romantic getaways) so there was conflict there. After Ben left her pretty much at the altar, she retreated, met Marc, and Marc encouraged her to live a more protected life, avoid paps etc.

    By the time she wanted to reintroduce to the world with Rebirth, I don't think she had the right team in place. It felt like it just came out and not enough ground work was done before hand. Get Right (which now is one of her signatures) was too jarring for the US market and radio was unsure of her. A horrific second single choice killed any momentum. She tried it again with Brave, but label changes meant she knew no one there, and she wasn't a priority, being pregnant also signified the early end to that era.

    I think once she got back with Benny (once he handed his notice in to Mariah of course...) he really formulated a plan for her to regain some status. She was performing a lot more after the tour with Marc, I think she regained a lot of confidence, and she was performing at events she probably would have turned her nose up to earlier on, putting the graft in and honing her skills (random Pride events, that 7 world wonder medley event etc). I think the right risks were made (American Idol) and the stars aligned with On The Floor. She's never took her foot off the gas since then which I really admire and she makes it so easy to be a fan. My worry is her being back with Ben...although I think she knows she's in the driving seat career-wise now.
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  2. The Gigli backlash and subsequent Bennifer split didn't even make a ripple in the UK. By contrast, she was experiencing a huge unexpected hit in summer 2003 in the shape of Baby I Love U!, Get Right peaked at #1, Hold U Down was a respectable hit peaking at #6, Control Myself with LL Cool J was pretty massive and on constant rotation (#2). Do It Well charting at #11 is testament to her power considering there was no UK promo, the market was oversaturated and had moved on quite a bit from the mid-2000s. With that said, it was clear by this point that her brand just didn't align in the UK anymore and was losing steam. People were attracted to relatable and messy, like Amy and Lily.
  3. To add onto this a bit, I think Gigli was only a small part of this. People not giving Jennifer the credit she was due as an actress was born out of a perfect storm of events. She became a pop star at a time when wanting to do both was going to cost you some level of seriousness, then she was dating Puff Daddy and there was the nightclub shooting and then there was the tabloid drama and then there was the "J.Lo" image being born, then her big "movie star" roles came in the form of rom-coms, then there was the perfumes, then there was the restaurant, etc etc. She never stopped being a good actress but she became so famous and had this mega- glamorous image that I think it became difficult to see her as anything but J.Lo.

    It's also worth noting that for some reason if your career is mostly romantic comedies people seem to think that takes zero talent or they're "just playing themselves". How many times have we heard that thrown around? "I don't think Jennifer Aniston is a good actress. She's just playing Rachel in everything. Oh Tom Hanks is in another biopic with a shitty accent? WHAT A GIFTED MAN!". I think Jennifer Lopez got hit with the same thing. Her big box office numbers were in The Wedding Planner and Maid in Manhattan and Monster In Law and people saw those as fluff and thus saw her as fluff. It's unfair cuz those movies take talent and effort (sometimes more cuz they're so formulaic and you have to overcome that for the audience to invest). Gigli being a huge bomb was finally the ammunition people needed to really lay into her, cuz prior to that no matter what they thought of her she was untouchable as far as commercial success went.
  4. Do any of the I'm Into You remixes have the Papi breakdown in them like the video version?
  5. They know exactly what they're doing and I love it.

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  6. Byeeee this is so juicy
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  7. She’s a master at the publicity game, that’s for sure.

  8. Romance is underrated... Stay together? That's the new trend.

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  9. Unfortunately no which is a shame cause that breakdown slaps, even as an audio only.
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  10. The other girls re-releasing old albums while she’s re-releasing old affairs? Stunt maker!
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  11. Ben Affleck (20th Anniversary Edition) [Expanded, Bonus Features, Strictly Limited]
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  12. These are funny

  13. including Special Edition "Pitbul, Design of a Decade" (10 Years of Featurings Extended CD)
  14. New single out tomorrow.

    Wondering how much she had to change her plans since I imagine she was hoping to be promoting Marry Me by now. Shame too since Owen Wilson is getting attention from Loki so it would have garnered more interest.
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  15. W2K


    I'm here for it.
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  16. Well, she’s gotten Rauw Alejandro at the right time when he’s coming off a smash. JLo manages to get the best timing for collabs, I fear.
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  17. I love this! Can’t wait to see the video
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  18. This is hot. You already know the video will be Fuego.
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  19. Yet another amazing song from her. And over 4 minutes to boot? We are not worthy.
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