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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aamyko, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. The frustrating thing is the mix of Spanish songs she's released in the last two years could have made the best album of her career.

    This is really great.
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  2. Por Primera Vez was done. This long trickle of singles when she could have just released a full album is so bizarre.
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  3. So... what is this? Another random single? Off an album? I get so lost with her music 'career' these days.
  4. The Shakira method
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  5. i really don't mind the lack of a full album, she was never going to have any kind of success with one. Dropping singles gets some some streams, keeps her popping up in the odd playlist and the songs she does release are all stellar.
    I feel like she wanted to keep releasing music and dropped this since she can't do anything with the Marry Me soundtrack at the moment.
  6. Did she divorce Pitball as well? I thought they were made for life those two.
  7. This is amazing and I just want it to live on an album now. The mix of Spanglish is perfect for her as well and I'd love her to get this away.
  8. Where was the English album after Ain't Your Mama first though?

    Loving her new 'El Dorado' inspired single cover by the way.
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  9. She just talked about him a couple days ago!

    I'm glad the Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitubll era of her career has ended, but there were certainly some bops to be found.
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  10. Just heard this now and it’s really an A-plus, top-tier bop.
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  11. MB


    Love this new track, hopefully we'll get a top tier video. Still no idea what her 'strategy' is when it comes to music these days.
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  12. I...dont think she has one.
  13. Un, dos, tres, avanza


    Left, right, left, avanza


    One, two, step, avanza


    One of the best hooks of her career. I'm obsessed.
  14. It really is a great hook. Reminds me of "1 - 2 - cha cha".

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  15. My God, she is unbelievable...
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  16. It's a nice simple song, but it samples Swalla from Jason Derulo in a heavy way...which is tired.
  17. This is a monster bop.
  18. The song is alright but the video is so good! Simple yet amazing. She really is the moment.
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  19. So I'm guessing she made a deal with the devil to make AKA her last album if she would never age beyond the age of 28?
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