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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aamyko, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. "The name of that album was This Is Me... Then. That was a moment. When you go back and hear that, you hear the purity and the love there. And I think that's why people went back as they saw different things happening in my life now and they go, 'Wow, really?' And I think it gave people hope. Some things do last forever.”

    They are gonna be married by the end of the year.
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  2. I used to be obsessed with Still.
  3. Cambia el Paso marks the first time in several years - a decade at least - that I have had a J Lo song on repeat constantly. I can't get enough of it, a beautiful summer bop with the most infectious beat and hook. She finally delivered again!
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  4. MB


    Same! I just want it to do well. Video plays aren't where I'd expect - 8Mil in a week is OK but I'd want more for a global megastar. I wonder if she's got any promo lined up or if this is it (as seems to be the way with Jlo and music these last few years!).
  5. Just got back from the club and I must say I'm a fan of the song now, when they played it, everyone went mad, it sounds sooo much better when played out loud.
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  6. 3Xs


    Yeah, this new song is really great. It fits her like a glove.
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  7. Miss Jennifer’s hustle for potential collabs will never cease to amaze me
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    So here for a Jlo X BTS track.
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  9. Cosigned.
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  10. JLoBTS would at least serve choreo and video budget.

    She probably followed them to please Emme dd
  11. This makes more sense than BTS & Halsey for some reason. un dos tres army un dos tres boricua
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  12. Same here to say this exactly. I am obsessed with this, well done Ms Lo!
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  13. Oh the chorography would be divine.
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  14. Love Make the World Go Round seems to be on streaming for the first time ever here in the UK. I don't know if it was missing from other countries before, but it's nice to see.
  15. MB


  16. Scroll to the last pic

  17. In honor of her and Ben going public officially, let’s pour one out for the single we were gonna get but got scrapped; aka Top 3 best song on This is Me…Then:

    The way my Sony Anti-Skip Walkman was set to Repeat-1 on this song for months.
  18. The sheer charismauniquenessnerveandtalent of just casually dropping that photo at the end of the post.


  19. Okay, they’re actually so cute
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