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Jennifer Lopez - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aamyko, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Universal's strategy has changed. West Side Story is underperforming as has every non-franchise movie of the last six months.

    $10 says Paramount moves Scream to Paramount+ day and date in a couple of weeks.
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  2. Lonely is top tier modern JLo.
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  3. Pretty sure it's all lipped. She's just good at miming to pre-recorded 'live' vocals. Whenever she has sung live it's often more pitchy.
  4. Wow… usually I can tell with her but that one really fooled me in that first verse.

    She is absolutely the queen of the pre-record.
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  5. I'd say all lipped too tbh. Even though it was shaky at the end thats the reason they keep it to give the illusion of being live
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  6. Perfect time to revisit this classic performance.

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  7. I remember watching the YouTube documentary of her random 'It's My Birthday' tour or whatever it was, and she was in tears to ARod backstage because she didn't think she hit a high note as well as she wanted, when the note in question was DEFINITELY on track.

    Jennifer Lopez is an actress, and her best performance is 'capable vocalist'.
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  8. 2008 - 2010 was really the wilderness for JLO regarding her music. It's weird because it wasn't like she was disliked by the public, just that there genuinely was no interest for her as a recording artist. Throwback to when she did a random set of yet-to-be-released songs on SNL in 2010.

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  9. Whew. I forgot how rough that Until It Beats No More performance was.
  10. Cambia El Paso is such a huge bop, it's a shame she didn't promote it at all.
  11. Love? was supposed to come out in January 2010 when she was booked for SNL. I guess she was still holding out hope it would happen soon so she still performed songs from it.

    Louboutins isn't great but its not so awful that it deserved to bomb the way it did. And in typical JLo fashion she hustled for it. She gave it 3 or 4 big promo slots.
  12. Is it? Sounds fine to me, considering we rarely hear her sing live.
  13. I don't think her voice is really built for that song in the first place, but a couple of dodgy moments aside, it's fine.

    Anyone who thinks that performance is rough would be well advised to avoid If You Had My Love on Letterman or Hold It Don't Drop It on Good Morning America. Painful stuff.
  14. I didn’t watch it back when I posted but yeah it’s not as bad as I remembered - it’s the adlibs at the end she struggles with but I appreciate the live vocal. No one can deny how much she’s improved in the past decade though, a complete force of a performer today.
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  15. I don't think anyone listens to J.Lo for the vocals though. She's got some bangers and she's a brilliant performer and that's really all she needs to be.
  16. We know it would still haven't set the charts on fire but yes it deserved way more attention since it is absolute top tier and actually one of my favourite songs of the year in general.
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  17. Wasn't she pregnant with her kids at the time? I think we can give her a break on that occasion, since she had two human beings squeezing on her organs.
  18. RMK


    Do we know if the stronger RedOne additions ala On The Floor were always ready for the 2010 version? I can't imagine Invading My Mind or Hypnotico being ready given the drama regarding Gaga credits in 2011.
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