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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aamyko, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Don't think she started working with RedOne till the move from Epic to Island (Louboutins was her last release on Epic. When the album was delayed she ended up moving to Island/Def Jam).
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  2. Did you not watch my documentary? Ha.
  3. Is it not a bit strange we've got no details on the Marry Me album since the movie is out in 4 weeks?
  4. DAS


    I think the song Marry Me is expecting to be released sometime this month, I suspect that it will come with the album pre-order.
  5. Watch there be no album...
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  6. Probably… still awaiting Por Primera Vez.
  7. I can't see this album being scrapped, it being the soundtrack will see to that.
    I'm still really looking forward to it all. A nice rom com seems like such a rarity these days and something light and fluffy is much needed.
  8. Maluma and her both posted a snippet of the title track which is an instant basic bop, seems very catchy.
  9. Album cover is pretty stunning and the new remix is cute. Wish Lonely was on it as well as Pa Ti.
  10. That remix is beautiful. The trancey drops set a great vibe.
  11. Had a sudden urge to revisit Hold It, Don't Drop It and Do It Well... whew. Maybe I have to listen to Brave.
  12. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    The title track is beautiful. The album itself is super cohesive tbh. The 70s soul throwback sampling actual made sense looking back.
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  13. Do It Well is top tier JLo and the video is so iconic.
  14. Erm... Where's the tracklist? Can't seem to find it anywhere...
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  15. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    1. Here Comes the Bride - Coolidge Crew
    2. Marry Me - Jennifer Lopez & Maluma
    3. Pa Ti - Jennifer Lopez & Maluma
    4. Church - Jennifer Lopez
    5. 1 en 1 Million - Maluma
    6. Love of My Life - Jennifer Lopez
    7. After Love (Part 1) - Jennifer Lopez
    8. Marry Me (Ballad Version) - Jennifer Lopez & Maluma
    9. Segundo - Maluma
    10. On My Way - Jennifer Lopez
    11. Nobody's Watching - Jennifer Lopez
    12. Love of My Life (Arkadi Remix) - Jennifer Lopez
    13. On My Way (TELYKast Remix) - Jennifer Lopez

    Not sure why Lonely was left off. And I'm already annoyed that we'll probably never get After Love (Part 2) nn why would they title it like that? Unless it's meant to be a prelude for Marry Me (Ballad Version).
  16. DAS


    Maybe Lonely, Pa Ti (Spanglish Version) and After Love (Part 2) could come out as a deluxe version in a couple of months? Likely not, but one could hope
  17. I hope Nobody's Watching is a club banger.
    BTW, shooting in Canarias was suspended after five days due to the rise of Covid cases, Jennifer left the island ASAP...
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  18. Yeah, I would say Brave is one of her most cohesive albums.
  19. Ask me on the right day and I’d say Brave is my favourite album of hers. That and This Is Me… Then are her two best for sure and I stand by A.K.A. was done bad, it’s a great album.
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