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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aamyko, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Let's rewatch this masterpiece ok?
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  2. I don't know, sure both her and Shakira could have easily done it solo, but complaining about having to share the spotlight with another artist comes off as a bit ehh when the last halftime show had five artists performing, some of whom are definitely bigger than JLo in the US.
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  3. Thank god there's more countries than just the US and the SuperBowl knows that too.
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  4. Gigli was the worst idea in the world.
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  5. I do understand your point, however I would also say that this footage was filmed late 2019/early 2020 - this year may have had 5 artists but I believe 2020 was the first billed as a co-headlining act? Apologies in advance if I'm wrong but I can definitely understand their views, with both being entertainers for 20+ years and respected artists, I can see why they were insulted
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  6. I actually like the idea of using the Superbowl to celebrate latin culture, the legacy of hip hop etc. instead of just centering it around one person, it seems less celebrity worship-y and can help give visibility to amazing art on a massive scale.

    But I can also understand JLo being frustrated for having to truncate a 20 year career to 5 minutes.
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  7. I think it happened a few times in the early 00’s for example I’m sure Shania Twain and No Doubt co-headlined one year. It’s certainly not happened for a while.
  8. Oh really?! My bad, I didn't realise that!
  9. It’s all good, as I said I don’t think it’s been something that happened too often to be honest.

    Shania / No Doubt was 2003.
  10. Prior to 2005 single headliners were actually a rarity, as it only happened on 3 occasions (Michael Jackson in 93, Diana Ross in 96 and U2 in 2002) and they only started introducing recording artists in the late '80s.
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  11. She was completely right. Whatever happened up to the 00's, for the last (almost) two decades it had been about one headliner + their special guests. Every media outlet is reporting this now turning it into some stupid diva catfight, when I am sure both shared the feeling and still gave us the best bloody halftime show!
  12. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    She has a point for sure, but I also think the time crunch is what made the show so spectacular. It was a breathtaking display of show(wo)manship and that was because there was not a single second to waste. She probably would've tried to shoehorn Medicine or Girls or some other flop single in there had she been given more time nn

  13. I do not want to start a fight or anything like this but, she is not complaining about "sharing the spotlight" but she is complaining about having to condensate her set in 6 minutes and probably she was upset that NFL didn't feel she was big enough to do the halftime show on her own.

    Professionally, both for her acting career and her singing career, JLo has always this stigma that she has to prove that she is a good actress and that she is a good popstar, when other artist are considered legends based on old careers and a couple of albums.

    I do feel for her, she is amazing and she should be recognized for the start she is.
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  14. While I do agree both Shakira and Jlo could have easily headlined their own solo halftime shows, its funny looking at the Wikipedia page for the halftime shows because all of the solo male acts in recent history were panned, while all the female acts and split bill acts were praised:
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  15. Even as a "JLover" (and to a lesser extent a fan of Shak) I wouldn't have changed the show for anything. At the end of the day the show was perfection and it was great to see them both kill it.

    I understand her frustrations on not getting the billing she wanted though, but it was a bigger event because of it.
  16. Do we know if NFL went straight in at a co-headline offer or if it was originally just Jlo or Shakira but then the other was added after?
    Hope that makes sense!
  17. She's getting a lot of flack for these comments throughout social media. I hope people watch the documentary and get more context from what she was saying but... they probably won't and will just use it as an excuse to bash her.
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  18. They'll watch, they will be too curious to find something else to hate about on social media.
  19. Hating Jennifer Lopez is a hobby for some folks. They'll never give her credit for anything (let them tell it, Ashanti deserves credit for her entire career even though her vocals are only on, like two songs).
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  20. RMK


    I don't think anyone cares about hating her much, these quotes just don't come off well without context. On top of that, the exact scenario was buzzed about when they were planning it: she wasn't happy with the arrangement and there was tension.

    Honestly... I don't think Jennifer would've headlined by herself. I don't think Shakira would either. It was an opportunity to collaborate and bolster both of them.
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