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Jennifer Lopez - Hustler!!

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dinno, Jul 3, 2015.

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  2. I really want her to make an album that is a throwback to her early sound.
  3. These are some of the song they've produced for other artists:

  4. J.Lo, just give us the RedOne-produced, Macarena-sampling, Pitbull-featuring single we all want.
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  5. Maybe working them will give her that since they have a cool vintage 80's synths & beats vibe in most of their production.

    Maybe they will give her a latin flavoured jam and carribean flavoured one.

    they did quite good on this 2 song below:

  6. She needs to bring the euro-pop sound back!
  7. I want her to smash! However I think she isnt offering anything new.. one day she'll release a dance track (Dance Again) an R & B song (First Love) a song with a Latin sound (Papi)- been there, done that and I dont think it appeals to radio stations and the public. And I guess her age is also a factor now.

    And even though I like Booty as a song, I hope she never makes a video like that again... she looked desperate.
  8. Live It Up was such a bop, I need another one. Serve them us bops JLo.
  9. I figured she'd have something new out by the time Vegas starts. AKA was the worst thing she's ever done. I'm not expecting masterpieces from JLo but she's usually at least decent. There isn't even a specific person I want her to work with anymore cuz I don't know what would work.
  10. I love this sound

  11. She has a lot going on this coming year.

    Vegas residency, new TV show, and now possibly a new album. Could 2016 be her year?
  12. I don't understand the hate for AKA. I reckon it's her best album with J.Lo.
    But any new JLo is good news for everyone!
  13. I think AKA is a fantastic album. I would be glad if she made something similar. I don't want any euro-pop On The Floor/Dance Again style stuff anymore, I'm sick of it.
  14. I love me some J-Lo. Bring it on soon.
  15. Great. Loved her last effort.

    More "So Good" songs Jenny, please.
  16. KAG


    A.K.A isn't a perfect album, however it's a lot more cohesive and contains less filler than her previous efforts. Radio is unfortunately never going to support her music again, even if the likes of 'First Love' and 'I Luh Ya Papi' are ready-made smashes, so I'd rather she just stick with R&B - the sound that suits her the best and most of her fans love her doing.
  17. The title track on A.K.A is an underrated bop. Aside from that, I only really use 'First Love' and 'I Luh Ya Papi'.
  18. Bless her for still trying.
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  19. As if this will happen. She will release single after single and by the 3rd she'll release a Vegas best of.
  20. I actually revisited This Is Me...Then on the weekend and enjoyed it just as much as I did at the time it was out. I think it's probably her best album overall, I love how personal it is to her at that time (for better or worse, considering the subsequent break up with Ben), she really put her all into it and came up with a strong, consistent record. Still is a magnificent opener and there are numerous great album tracks (including You Belong To Me, posted above).

    It's pretty shocking how badly she lost her way with her music career after that album. She'd had such a strong start with all the amazing hit singles previously and it seemed like she'd found herself as an artist. Actually I did love Rebirth as well, but then it all just went tits up and I don't think she's ever recovered. The worst part for me is that, regardless of how the music now fares commercially, the quality of it has taken such a nosedive when compared to her previous records. The songs she releases as singles are just nowhere near as good as they should be, and you wonder how they made it past demo stage (I Luh You Papi being the most obvious example). Just compare her most recent singles to the likes of Ain't It Funny, Waiting For Tonight, If You Had My Love, Play, Get Right etc.

    I'll give this new album a go, but unless she finds her passion for music again I'm not expecting much.
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