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Jennifer Lopez - Hustler!!

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dinno, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. Fuck. Shit. Dick. I really wanted to see her in Spain! Why the hell was this announced with such time frame? It doesn't make any sense.
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  2. Well if she's not touring at least I can see that movie sometime.
  3. The show really looks amazing. The best performer in the game right now.

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  4. Amazing! I wanna go!
  5. Work it JLO! This movie looks good. Amazing cast.

  6. Constance Wu yasss.
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  7. So apparently the tour is now continuing into September? There’s a break from mid August to mid September (her kids are starting middle school so naturally she will want a couple of weeks with them). A couple of dates have appeared on Wiki (yes I know, unreliable) for the following:

    22nd Sept: Paris Accorhotels Arena
    25th & 26th Sept: London O2 Arena

    A review of her show in Atlanta last night also mentions the tour end being September:

    Come through, Jenny, please!
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  8. Yasssssss if true
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  9. Just when my friend said to me last weekend: You know who I'd wanna see sometime on tour? JLo.
    Please be true.
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  10. Also seeing that her movie ‘Marry Me’ that was meant to be filming in Sept-Oct this year has now been moved to May 2020, so she does have time.
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  11. Please gay lord PLEASE!
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  12. I went to the NYC blackout show on a whim and could tell even from the two songs we got how major it was shaping up. Went back Monday night and was fully.blown.away.

    Ending up trekking out to Jersey on Friday to see it again. It really is probably the most amazing, over the top show from a pop girl that I've seen since Dream Within a Dream when I was twelve.
  13. If that is true, I won't be able to make London, as I'm away. Although, the London date might be false, as the 25th looks free, but the 26th the venue is holding Marvel Universe, so I hold out hope that it's a made up date!

    It'll be the second time that I miss J Lo.
    The first time I won tickets to see her in Manchester, and that got cancelled (does anyone know the actual reason for that?!)
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  14. I had tickets for Manchester and even to this day, I still don't think we've been given a reason.
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  15. Is Marvel Universe in the main arena or the smaller theatre inside? EDIT: Just seen it is in the main arena. There goes that then damnit.

    Manchester was cancelled because of ticket sales. She had sold around 7,000 or something like that, which is not awful, but she obviously didn’t want to go out into a half empty arena. A friend worked there at the time.
  16. 7000 is pretty good though isn't it? Surely that would have filled the lower tiers?
    I presumed that it would be ticket sales, but I remember that date being announced due to 'public demand'
    Perhaps the overheads were more than what she got in tickets sales.

    Fingers crossed for a confirmed UK date though!
  17. dddd Hustlers looks great in an exploitation, pulpy, B movie way. I smell a potential camp classic. Refreshing turnaround from her last few movie roles.
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  18. Yeah I’d say that was good but you may be right about the overheads etc. Plus her fee which I imagine is very high.

    Hopefully one day she’ll play more than just London in the UK.
  19. By the way, today is God herself 50th birthday, long live the eternal queen of opulence Jennifer Lopez.
  20. Hoping the london date happens. That's the week before my 30th so please j-lo help me ease into my thirties.
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