Jennifer Lopez - Love?

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Haha, I got the titles switched, I thought this was "Until It Beats No More".
It's my favourite song on the album but I really think that Papi should have been the third single and this should remain as the awesome album track that it is.
Mvnl said:
SockMonkey said:
I thought Papi was the third single?

It's been changed 'due to changes in her personal life'.

This is more than ridiculous. Papi as fourth single then!! She can pretend to dance for a fresh new Papi in the music video! It's only been changed because it's getting spins. Make Papi a European only single then.

What Is Love? would have been better as well (like anything else on the album). I hope this will be a mid sized hit at least or else...we might get a new Jlo film again soon.

I don't even remember how this song goes, Until It Beats No More might be cheesy but is more memorable. Well done Marc, for ruining this album campaign... (sorry needed to let it out)
Uhhh no. Fantasy Ride part two? Can't believe the "most beautiful woman in the world" needs so much photoshop and things to cover her face. I would have preferred less glitter and this picture:

Is there a direct link to the account that posted that? I can never view twitpic images which are posted on Popjustice.
My lord. Another terrible artist. Mamita listen to the gente, boricuaaaaaaa, terrible choice. This girl doesn't have any sense what life is. Life is a show bonitaaaaa. We need Hypnotico. It's the only track I listen on repeat. One, two, three...... but what the hell.

I understand you wanna send us an idea what is your situation now. But at least, honey, with a good track.


earplug said:
... and would manage to slip a vagina related lyric in there somewhere.

I'm pretty sure she's saving that in case Nicole Scherzinger wants her to feature on "Wet".
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