Jennifer Lopez - This Is Me… Now (2023)

Dip It Low was Christina's only real hit in the US. Her debut album was never released there, It's About Time stalled after the second single only just grazed the Hot 100, and So Amazin' plunged so quickly on the charts that she was dropped by Def Jam within a month of its release.

She was a decent enough popstar but didn't really have anything to make her stand out from the pack; I doubt Play would have made much of a difference to her career path had she released it herself.
Play is such a great pop song, and is oft forgotten. Myself included. So much fucking fun.

I never forget it. It’s the only J.Lo song I still stan hard at any opportunity.

Jennifer herself is the one who tries to have people forget it. Ignoring it on her hits compilation was a crime.

Christina was a great popstar and legitimately quite big in the UK at one point, but seemed hellbent on chasing success in America/urban radio. Turning down SOS in favour of Say I just shows that she didn't get the vision. She could've been headlining Mighty Hoopla had she stuck it out with the girly pop bangers for just a bit longer.
This. “AM to PM” and “Play” were sounds that really worked for her. Her R&B songs are all ass in my opinion, bar “Dip It Low”.

But she seems happy now so good for her doing it her way.
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