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Jennifer Lopez - This Is Me… Now (TBD + ‘Musical Experience’)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Nov 25, 2022.

  1. You gotta give it to her... the launch is already iconic. I don't care if the album is good or bad.
  2. I’m glad
    The One
    Dear Ben
    All I Have
    Jenny From the Block

    are my big highlights. But it’s her strongest start to finish album and it’s her only album that really plays like a ‘body of work’ that had a real vision, rather than just a collection of trendy potential hits.
  3. This is... camp, and I'm here for it
  4. This is such a serve. Already obsessed with Dear Ben pt.II
  5. Still, The One and All I Have will always have that nostalgic having my heart broken in January but looking pussy head to toe feeling for me. And its season is right around the corner!
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  6. This must be set for a January release right? We are not gonna have to wait for all 2023 to hear this right?
  7. Oooh, exciting!
  8. This Is Me…. Then I think is now on Dolby Atmos as well.
  9. I was not expecting that when I opened my Insta. A serve and a half.
  10. Why is that last sample (when it goes to This is me.. Now part) so familiar ?!? I can’t remember which song has that same sample.

    Edit. It’s Cry me a river.
  11. Girl, whichever Devil you sold your soul to for eternal youth, please share their phone number. She looks incredible.

    This teaser hit all the correct nostalgic nerves in me. I am excited.
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  12. It’s called money.
  13. She might have the money to afford the best potions and lotions but there's clearly more to it than that. Her clean living life and great genes (have a look at her Mum) plays a bigger part in her youthful looks than anything else.
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  14. Iconic!

    Baby I Love U! still slaps.
  15. Yeah they both have money, it’s really that simple.
  16. Kind of excited for this? AKA and LOVE? had fun singles, but both are ultimately the projects of hers I revisit the least even considering those singles (JLO, This Is Me... Then, and Brave remain my faves), so I would love some sort of return to form from her.
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  17. Oh she's looking camp RIGHT in thee eye with this one.
  18. There are countless other people who have money yet do not look half as good, it can only get you so far. Good genes and clean living play a part, it's also as simple as that.
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  19. The broken hyperlink hidden in the tracklist is sending me
  20. No love for Rebirth?! Houses some of her best tracks despite basically being an Amerie album ff.

    Saved the best for last, Timbaland really brought it instrumentally.
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