Jennifer Lopez - This Is Me… Now

I think in this case two things can be true at the same time, many people are buying Usher tickets because they haven't seen him previously.
Of course there's an element of that too. Ten O2 nights is over 200,000 tickets - clearly there is a wide variety of people going.
This "should have been a greatest hits from the start" stuff is bull. As already posted, she's done a greatest hits tour, Vegas, and the 50th it's my party tour..

Those in themselves are essentially greatest hits stuff.

She should be doing stuff outside of America to try and build rapport there really. Do a Wembley Arena or Royal Albert Hall, followed by a show in Amsterdam, France, Spain, Italy etc. She only needs to do 10 or so shows and it will be a start at least.
Then, do a small US tour, maybe 15 dates which will help the sales figures.
I mean it's not such bull since they have to promote this as a Greatest Hits tour because that is what people want. Lots of veteran artists nowadays do that with the boom of live music. It's not even such a big deal, but social media is amplifying it a lot.
I knew the J.Lo hate train existed but my FYP seems to have unlocked a whole movement of people literally just hating on her... I was shocked. Like reactions to the film, the documentary, past assistant exposés, retail workers who have encountered her, more background singers coming forward. I'm quite fascinated.
The JLO hate train content is also seeping into my for you pages, and while anyone with some knowledge on how the music industry works would dismiss accusations that "JLO personally stole songs" because that's not how things go down in a studio, when watching these videos there is also a brooding sense that her entire career has been built on the back of other artists' efforts that rarely ever ended up on Jennifer's lap harmoniously. There are way too many examples of songs where her vocals are only partially featured (when at all) and for each of those songs there is at least one or two "backing vocals" or composers feeling victimized and wanting to tell their side of the story.

It is of course hard to pinpoint just how much involvement Jennifer had in picking/sourcing songs throughout her career, especially considering no one other than Tommy Mottola was pulling the strings for her, but I wouldn't say the hate she's getting now is completely unwarranted. For the sake of comparison, Rihanna has built an empire on demos and compositions from other artists and yet you never hear discontent from them (except for Mikky Ekko I guess). JLO is the face of her Gesamtwerk, but usually not the voice, and this type of Myah Marie/Milli Vanilli scandal will always be fodder for speculation and pointing fingers. I can't blame music fans for feeling fooled/betrayed, even more when we consider that this is the time millenials are all over the internet obsessively reassessing their nostalgia.

This is not to say of course that she deserves all the hate she's getting, which is nasty and has obviously seeped into right-wing spaces and whatnot. I really hope Jennifer has distanced herself from this whole narrative and is in a much better, freer creative space that she deserves, since she's an obviously talented artist and performer who fell into her own success' trap.
If she’s genuinely rude to people, then a bit backlash is kind of fair enough (in the same way Christina probably did well for the humbling experience of Bionic in many ways), but it’s odd this hasn’t really happened before in her 25 year career.

I just cannot stand the GP thinking they’ve had an aha moment for discovering over used BVs. Especially from early noughties when it was very much the norm. Nor can I stand a woman getting the blame for white mens industry puppeteering.

“Is this Ashanti tehehehe” okay so name 3 Ashanti songs since you’re such a supporter. Quickly.
I’m still baffled as to the lack of a European leg of the tour?

She’s not visited in years and even then, barely did. She could absolutely sell 10/15 dates on the JLO brand/ greatest hits aspect alone, far easier than in the US, and treat herself to a nice European vacation.

London x2 / Manchester / Dublin / Glasgow / Paris / Berlin / Amsterdam / Barcelona / Oslo / Stockholm / Milan

Get it done, Jenny (from the Bronx)
I think this tour may still end up reaching European shores later this year… makes sense to end in NYC and then come straight over. Thats the reason for the cancellation of the last two weeks in August I believe. Also would make sense why they would rebrand to a ‘Greatest Hits’ show ahead of potential announcements.