Jennifer Lopez - This Is Me… Now

Yeah I don't really like this coordinated attack against her from literally all angles. Everything she does is scrutinised for proof or evidence of being being a horrible woman. She could literally walk into the street and cross the road and people would say that's proof of her being rude or inconsiderate to drivers because she didn't use the traffic lights to cross. It's all so dumb!!!!
People is also reporting that they are no longer living together which is a little alarming since thats the most publicist friendly outlet.

I wish she had just released the album and let the music do the talking. I think the film and documentary - while entertaining - did more harm than good.
Update from People magazine with a source this time:

So he participated in and even produced the documentary that he's upset she's used to put their relationship on display. Got it. I understand he had reservations about it - he says so onscreen - but he made the choice to go forward with it.

What he's actually upset about is the public reaction to it and now he's blaming her for it.

I don't dislike Ben Affleck. But for the gargantuan amount of hate coming Jennifer's way, people might need a reminder that Ben... has a lot of skeletons in his closet too. Some very unflattering ones.
None of what that supposed source says actually sounds like their marriage is as bad as it’s being made out? He isn’t comfortable with being with someone who is so public but still went ahead with the documentary and knew this going into the marriage in the first place.
Seems like another smear campaign against Jennifer and trying to paint her as the villain. It’s not like he is perfect. He cheated on his ex wife and basically blamed her for his alcoholism despite being her who drove him to rehab and sticking by him for years.

Basically nobody is perfect and if Jennifer can see past his faults and work on the marriage then so can he.
I would not be surprised if after this tour wraps and the Mother sequel shoots in the fall, Jennifer fades into the background for some time off and focuses 100% on her marriage.
I feel so bad for her. She always comes across well in interviews. I think the documentary probably did show more of her toughness behind the scenes but... you know, she had a lot at stake and invested a lot of money into that project so why wouldn't she be. I think it's that classic thing of she's a woman, making decisions and being direct and strong-willed and therefore is a bitch.

I still hope this tour gets good reviews and maybe shuts some people up and hopefully this new movie is a positive for her also.
I would not be surprised if after this tour wraps and the Mother sequel shoots in the fall, Jennifer fades into the background for some time off and focuses 100% on her marriage.
That would only work if Ben did the same and he has never shown signs of wanting to do that. It was Jen Garner who gave up her career when they were married whilst Ben worked.
Both Ben and J-Lo are too much of a workaholic to really ever take a back seat from their careers.
It’s also not just on her to work on the marriage.
I'm a little scared for her, I feel this Atlas movie is going to be really critically panned and just be a kick when she's down.
The critical consensus seems to be that the film is awful but she's the saving grace - or at least the closest thing to one.

To be honest, I can rarely be bothered to watch Netflix's films, even if it's a lot less effort than going to the cinema. Regardless of budget or star names, most of them just look bargain basement.
The backlash against Jennifer this year seems to be from people who have never liked her or ever will. It does bother me how some folks are making up stories about her and her career and then spreading them all over, which leads to more people regurgitating this misinformation and continuing its spread. Say what you want about her movie, but it performed and reviewed well. It wasn’t this epic failure that people would have you believe.

Oh, well. I'm still a fan, and I can't wait to see her in August.

Glad to hear that the tour is doing well though. I was under the impression it was completely bombing.

Atlas looks nice, but if it's anything less than the literal greatest movie of all time, I'm sure people will tear it down (most without having seen it). It seems as if every year the internet picks a female star to absolutely dump on, and in 2024 it's Jlo for some reason.
Atlas is....fine. I'm not really one for Sci-Fi movies but it was a decent way to spend an afternoon and Jenny really sells it, even if the plot is a bit thin. I love seeing her as a lead in such a big budget release. It's not going to win any awards or new fans for her but it shows off her more action/physical side which is nice.
Simu Liu continues to be a total personality vacuum though.


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I would not be surprised if after this tour wraps and the Mother sequel shoots in the fall, Jennifer fades into the background for some time off and focuses 100% on her marriage.
I would actually be very surprised by this if it were to happen. She's always been go-go-go, and I think if something was going on behind-the-scenes, she's more likely to shoot three more movies and launch an eyewear line.
Howling at some of the headlines. The New York Post one is particularly rough.

I've not seen a more brutal fall from grace in so long, it's actually kind of wild how quick the shift was.
To be fair, I watched Atlas last night and while I was invested in the first half, I was scrolling my phone at the same time by the second half. She was decent in it though.