Jennifer Lopez - This Is Me… Now

I managed to get a signed AKA CD at the time (with a full Jennifer Lopez signature, not just JLo) and had my name printed on some big foldout poster. So, that's what I mostly associate AKA with, ha! But overall it was a decent album with some solid songs. I'm not sure the album cover worked though.

I have this too!

I actually really enjoy quite a bit of the album. Agree with others that whilst the commitment to the This Is Me… Now era has been amazing, it’s almost too late? There wasn’t enough cementing of the musical side in the earlier years to keep a big enough fanbase.
In something of a nice change of pace, I am seeing a fair few videos of people talking about celebs who are supportive of their queer kids and Jenny appearing in lots of them due to how accepting and open she is about Emme being non-binary.

Of course we all know Jenny is a kick ass Mum but it's nice to see her in social media and not being torn to shreds by people for once.