Jennifer Lopez - This Is Me… Now

Now, why did this make me giggle?
They weren’t interested in the Rihanna/Berg project either and that was never released.

Jlo’s project is pretty wild it make sens it was a hard one to shop around, I mean the same happened with Hustlers they went to Netflix and other big studios and none of them wanted to finance it until STX stepped in.
Is The Gift the flop project they’re referring to by Beyoncé? Maybe Rihanna had visuals for a surprise release after all!
I think so. Benny (her manager) said the streamers referenced projects by Beyonce and Rihanna not selling. The Gift I can understand maybe not doing the numbers, but if the Ri project didn't even come out how could they tout a metric for it? I think there has been a project shopped (by her) that wasn't picked up though.

Taylor Swift declined to be part of the project and a few other names were dropped in the doc that said no. Anthony Ramos wouldn't play the abusive lover because he's friends with Marc Anthony...

Jennifer had to pretty much beg a very reluctant Jane Fonda to do it. Jane's argument being your relationship failed last time by putting so much out you're doing this?

It's that sort of candidness she's not afraid to show (like in Halftime) that makes it worth the watch.
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