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Jennifer Lopez

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dinno, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. Just saw the trailer for her new movie and holy shit has she even aged since 2001? She looks amazing.
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  2. WELL.
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  3. I don't know what this is, but I like it. Although it freaking endless.
  4. Agreed. It should have ended after Yandel. This might actually be my favourite output of hers from this whole weird post AKA endless singles thing. The verse is great.
  5. I quite like that actually.

    Oddly, I found myself humming Dance Again over that chorus though, they're not that dissimilar. Is this a Sia track?
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  6. Yeah, Sia wrote this song.
  7. Not a terrible video. I was reminded of Michael Jackson also.
    Those hair extensions look like a nightmare. Half of the costume and makeup changing was probably combing them out.

  8. Justice for Louboutins
  9. LP


    I so wish this and Fresh Out The Oven were on streaming
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  10. Very very nice verse. But yes, it is three minutes too long.

    It's amazing how stylish she always is.
  11. She should do a JoJo and cover them.
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  12. LP


    Is that what the problem is? Rights?!
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  13. Remember when she was 'Lola' for a while.
  14. This is an interview from a few years ago which got re uploaded but I found it really interesting if you're a fan of her back catalogue, she goes through (almost) every album, going as far as saying Rebirth/Brave were her 'dark' years which I don't think she's ever really mentioned before.

    Could honestly watch this woman talk all day.

  15. Her career has been so long and winding, that I feel like we need a good music doc on her because she has stories upon stories that we never have heard. She's still one of the most dynamic performers we have these days and after seeing Second Act twice now, we need her era of Romcoms back.
  16. There was a 30 mins thing on MTV the other week but it was really rushed. I agree, be good to have something more indepth, like what Mariah did recently.
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  17. I've just realised this year marks 20 years since If You Had My Love.
  18. 1999 was an amazing year for music. So many 20 year anniversary's coming up.
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