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Jennifer Lopez

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dinno, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. She says she will tour this year and do more mention of a new album at all.
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  2. No but a tour is something... I mean, what will she be touring exactly?
  3. Probably All I Have.
  4. Yeah, seems so;
    “So I’m going on tour next year, next summer,” she told her fans. She said that she plans to tour the United States and then start filming another movie, or “maybe two [films].”

    I guess she's doing a Christina. I just wonder if she'll be promoting anything? Is the Spanish album still getting released? Maybe she'll have another random single?
  5. I'd say JLo is in a position where she doesn't need a hit. She is a big name and has some gems. Mix it with nostalgia and she'll be able to go on a tour every few years. Maybe not every year but I'm sure there is enough demand for a couple dates.

    Her last Berlin show sold decently. And was worth the money. She went all in and her greatest hits really is full of hits.
  6. LP


    Didn't she tour everywhere but the US last time? I guess it's only fair...
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  7. I would see her again in a heartbeat. She was amazing at the O2 back in 2012.

    If she isn't touring outside of the US she can at least give us a live DVD or Netflix show.
  8. Didn’t her boyfriend say she had booked the O2 arena?
  9. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator

    Colour me surprised but I just went on her Wikipedia page and she's only ever had one headlining tour?! And 3 of 5 tours have been residencies? What the fuck?

    I know she's busy 24/7, but for such an accomplished performer, you'd think she'd have a sturdier track record for touring. I had no idea she basically never did it.
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  10. She's pretty much the queen of "planned" tours that ultimately come to nothing. Early in her career she would throw touring plans over the side whenever she got a movie offer (more money for a lot less personal cost). When you add her numerous other business interests and, of course, her children to the mix, it's easy to see why it's never been her top priority.
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  11. This one has been planned planned for a while, incl European dates, but we'll see.
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  12. Please come through Jenny.
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  13. She co-headlined with Enrique across the US with Dance Again. They played two nights in a lot of the bigger cities and all dates were sold out.
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  14. She basically didn't do it until 2012 and then she's been really good at playing live regularly. It seemed that early on in her career there were intentions to do it but it just never happened. Marc Anthony seemed to be the one to hook her into it in 2007 for the first time though. I would love the All I Have show to make it out there as it's such a good show.
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    I had no idea. Sorry.
  16. No need for apology at all, was just letting you know. I think she may have toured with Marc Anthony before as well. Never solely by herself in the US though.

    Sorry if I came across as a bit grumpy. :)
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  17. I absolutely have to see her live so I'd pay good money wherever she would come to in Europe. I've read that her M&Gs are also really good (they certainly look good on insta).
  18. Just a feeling but besides all the diva stories etc I can fully imagine her being a blast in an M&G surrounding. She is talkative, funny and seems to have an honest respect for her fans. It sounds cheesy but it seems she really is still a Jenny from the block in that regard that she knows that she didn’t make it all the way alone but because people supported her products. A good aura.

    Maybe I am wrong. She just comes off quite likeable and (I’m) real.
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