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Jennifer Lopez

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dinno, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. Come to Europe!
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  2. She was beyond adorable for my M&G. She used my name after I introduced myself, gave me a hug and had a genuine and honest chat about the show. She said she'd noticed me singing every word at the front (it was true) and was generally adorable. I did realise in the show that she kept giving me eye contact and she came to hold my hand but for her to even be able to recall that afterwards proved what a class act she was.
  3. The Grammy's performance snatched my wig, the flawless cartwheel!!
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  4. Has she won a Grammy yet? 'Coz my damn she deserves it despite the 'shallow*ness' of her musical output.

    *copyright gaga AKA the writer of bop Hypnotico.
  5. Is this thing ever coming out?

    At this rate we’ll see that infamous Cassie album before this ever sees the light of day.
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  6. She should just drop it. Dinero, El Anillo, and Te Guste were all bops.
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  7. I’m sure she won a Grammy for Waiting For Tonight. I may be wrong though!
  8. Waiting for Tonight and Lets Get Loud were both nominated for Best Dance Recording but lost. Those are her only 2 nominations.
  9. What did Waiting for Tonight lose to? Definitely a Grammy-worthy song however.
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  10. She announced her summer tour on Ellen today - the It's My Party Tour. It'll be 25-28 shows in the US only. This is a horrible tour name unless you are Lesley Gore.

    Believe - Cher.
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  11. Reinas honoring reinas.
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  12. Can I see her Grammy performance online anywhere?
  13. I gave it a search last night and found it on Dailymotion.
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  14. Shame she's never won a Grammy - some of her music (especially Waiting For Tonight) has definitely deserved one.

    Regarding the tour - agree it is a hideous tour name. It sounds like something Meghan Trainor would use as a title. Hoping for some European dates as I won't be able to get to the USA in July.

    Can we expect an announcement later today/this week then? When does Ellen air?
  15. Ellen airs today. She said to keep an eye out for dates, so tickets aren't going on sale immediately.

    There's video here:
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  16. Hopefully she adds Europe... We can dream.
  17. Or Jessie J

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  18. She really should have just gone with Jennifer Lopez live in concert or whatever. Announce the O2 date mi Reina!
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