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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Aamyko, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Aamyko

    Aamyko Guest

    I read on d-listed that People Magazine paid J.Lo over a million dollars to take pictures of her newborns, but under 2 strict conditions.
    1. that her husband Marc "skeletor" Anthony take the pictures
    2. That NO ONE refer to her as J.Lo. or the whole the would be called off (YIKES!)

    Now this is where I have a problem.... why the hell do pop stars turn their backs on what made them famous?
    I mean I know they must feel that they have moved on..... but how could J.Lo be offensive to her.
    This is the kinda thing that happened when Madonna didn't want to be referred as the "material girl" and this also pissed me off cos that's what people knew her as for a long time..
    It's o.k for artist to evolve and feel like they have moved past something but is it right for an artist to be ashamed of what made them famous?
  2. I blame Puff Daddy. Obviously he had this effect on her. Thank fuck she doesn't change her name once a year like P Diddy Doody does!

    I'd love to go to a Jennifer concert (not for the music clearly) and start a chant of J.Lo. Could you imagine how pissed off she'd be if 20,000 people were chanting J.LO? It would be amazing!
  3. BachelorNo2

    BachelorNo2 Guest

    I don't see why not wanting to be reffered to it anymore is a sign that she's ashamed of it as a nickname. I have plenty of names from years past that I'd prefer to never hear again, it's all just part of growing older.
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  4. Aamyko

    Aamyko Guest

    That would be fucking hilarious!!!! But I bet you J.Lo would have a hissy fit and leave the stage.. I don't know why but her diva-ish-ness has gotten out of control.
  5. But did you name one of your albums after a nickname? Cos thats just asking for trouble!
  6. I used to have a bum like JLo, now mine's hanging way-low.

  7. Aamyko

    Aamyko Guest

    That's the other thing.. now she hates that she got some fame cos of her ass and no refuses to show it off!! hahahha.... and her perfume bottle was in the shape of a huge ass (?!)
    I think she is just an out of control diva that could be taken down a notch or two.....
  8. Lets clog her myspace page up with nasty comments. THAT OUGHT TO DO IT!

    She's had some good songs, has ole J.Ho but she has all the talent of a cheeky girl, and twice the ass!
  9. KaMZ

    KaMZ Guest

    On one hand she'll probably want to show that article to her kids in 10 years and doesn't want them to ask her what J.Lo means and on the other hand the nickname comes from her ex Puff Daddy and she certainly doesn't want to be reminded on every occasion of the relationship she had with him.

    What I liked was that the bizarre fact the article mentioned that "People" magazin gives her a buckload of money (6 mio.) and she's still able to make demands.
    That's a true Diva and why I luv her.
    Go Jenny!

    And release the 'Brave'-video puhleeze!
  10. Aamyko

    Aamyko Guest

    Don't get me wrong I LOVE J.Lo, BUT I think that her demands are just a tad too much now & lets' face it her music career is in the pooper..... I think that if she had loads of success now.. go ahead and be a DIVA but if your last 3 albums have pretty much flopped... honey know where you stand and just shut the fuck up!
  11. someboy0716

    someboy0716 Guest

    I kind of have to agree. I feel as Jennifer Lopez (eugh, that took forever to write out haha) will now simply be famous for being famous. Perhaps she'll act again, but she's made hordes of money, accomplished more than anyone probably ever imagined she would, and anything less than a stunning new album would be awful for her career after the horrible reviews and sales of "Brave".
  12. You have to give it to her for trying.
    "Brave" was half decent... Far better than her previous few albums...
    She really needs to lose the alter-ego though. When Mariah does it, we think it's cute and funny... J.Lo takes herself far to seriously and actually thinks she's "all that and more".
  13. paul lekakis

    paul lekakis Guest

    She popped 'em out a couple of months back and here she is performing again:

    Work it honey! Love her newfound live voice. The "Brave" project had disastrous sales, but a couple of great ditties. The "Brave" video has been shot half a year ago and may premiere eventually. It is one of the best tunes of 2007 and one of the biggest gems in her back catalogue.

    Unlike Janet I have a feeling that she'll survive the flop albums and may have a #1 hit again.
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  14. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    She needs a big slap for always performing the Thunderpuss or whatever remix this is, the original 3rd Party version on her On The 6th CD is MUCH better.

    Well done for not looking as mumsy and frumpy as I expected!
  15. paul lekakis

    paul lekakis Guest

  16. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    She canceled on 20.000 Greek people back in 2006 and that ill-fated 6th rate European countries tour.
  17. MJH


    I hope "Brave" is out soon, listen to a sample of the remix at It's on the Wideboys megamix track 2nd tune in. I heard she's releasing a Greatest Hits at the end of the year aswell.
  18. paul lekakis

    paul lekakis Guest

    Thanks, that remix sounds great.
    I read on Bloodshy&Avant's Wikipedia Page that a [Bloodshy Radio Edit] is floating around.
  19. Thanks for the performance vids! Is the Greatest Hits rumours true then does anybody know?

    Really excited for the release of Brave, I love JLo.
  20. I think it's really weird how Mariah Carey's fortunes dipped and Jennifer Lopez's shot up sky high and now it's reversed. I wonder if Tommy Mottola is somehow involved in this conspiracy?

    Also, on an unrelated note, we don't really need J-Lo anymore. Her token celebrity Latina throne has been taken by Eva Longoria. All we need is for her to announce a new album and that's that.
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