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Jennifer Lopez

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Aamyko, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. I'm going to need a full circle 'This Is Me...Now' album ASAP if this is true.
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  2. This Is Me...Again
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  3. I just want an album full stop at this point.
  4. Jennifer really is the Elizabeth Taylor of the 21st century and I live for it.
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  5. This Is Me... Ben (Ben's first solo album with J.Lo on BVs)
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  6. I don't know why but I just think I'd like to see them back together officially. It would be really sweet.
  7. Yelling. Re-release The One
  8. Few gins in gone into a deep dive on youtube of different live performances of hers. Can miss rona please go soon to let Jlo go on tour I need to see her live to make up for the last two years
  9. Is her soundtrack album still coming? Assume the movie got delayed and so did the music?
  10. I've always thought 'Hold You Down' had a lovely melody somewhat let down by tepid production. I was listening to it earlier and wondered if there were any good remixes out there that gave the song some much needed oomph... And I came across these absolute gems, which were released as b-sides on the CD single:

    They're irresistible!
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  11. You want her to reunite with a guy who pervs on girls young enough to be his daughter on social media, and who treated his ex wife (and mother of his kids) like garbage? Okay.
  12. Yes, that's exactly what I was saying.
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  13. Her jetting off with Ben the second she broke up is major 'dumbed gay stages romance to prove to ex he's fine' shenanigans. She's smarter than that.
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  14. On a side note: why wasn't this an official release and a global smash?

  15. It was the worst track on her best album. She was spoiled for choice during the Love? era, speaking of, two weeks ago it had its 10th anniversary. I can't. Femme Fatale, Love?, Born this Way, 4, Here I Am 2011's first half was stacked with Pop blockbusters.

    A moment.
  16. This Is Me...Then is her best album and she has always said it’s her favorite but she also 100% knows what she’s doing by posting that.
  17. She's a genius.
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