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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Aamyko, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. I'm alone on thus but I think
    "This is me...Then" is actually her worst album.
    "Jenny From The Block" was a super misleading first single and the rest is very samey mid-tempod about love.
    "All I Have" is actually the only other song I'll take.
    I think "Rebirth" is criminally underrated but it suffered because of the overexposure of "Bennifer" era.
    I can find multiple songs on the rest of her discography that shine brighter than the majority of the "This is me" tracks.
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  2. I understand the criticism that This is me... sounds samey and it really does at certain points but overall it is the most enjoyable overall album experience from Jenny's discography for me. It flows really well and there are no duds on it. Probably the closest we'll ever get to an autobiographical album from her too.
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  3. I'm always here for the 'This Is Me...Then' love. It might lack the stellar singles of other albums, but as a body of work it's head and shoulders above the rest of her catalogue. Such a satisfying listen.

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  4. I do think LOVE? and J.Lo are my favourites but I see why This Is Me... Then is noted as being her best work. It's probably her most consistent piece of work at least and vocally I think she sounded most comfortable. Brave is definitely underrated because, for me, it does the same thing as This Is Me... Then but is just a more enjoyable / fun listen overall.
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  5. I LOVE This Is Me... Then, I wonder if she recorded more songs for that album, we only got 11 tracks, no bonus songs at all (aside of The One (Version 2) and other remixes)

  6. The way that Jenny and Ricky's first, and only (cry), collab is this mega bop.
    The way that she is serving in each and every second of the video even twhen the focus isn't on her.
    The way that all it takes is for her to say "hey!" at the one minute mark of the song for me to be scalped.
    The way that even King of the Latin Gayz Ricky Martin can't help but grind all over her when they're together.
    The way that all my focus is on her even when sharing the screen with Kind of the Latin DILFs Ricky Martin.
    The way that she does all this on a feature on a single and not even for her own music,


    The power of Miss Jennifer Lopez.
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  7. She has no good album and that is fine. Her imaginary Singles Collection plus Cherry Pie is a very good album though.
  8. [​IMG]
  9. J. Lo, Brave and Love? are all great to me but yeah she has a pretty bulletproof singles run.
  10. It still amazes me to this day that they made such a shambles of Dance Again… The Hits!

    It really could and should have been a home run.
  11. She's the kind of artist that's perfect for a greatest hits, and then she left off half of them! I remember rumors that she was supposed to release one around the time of Louboutins, and I feel like that timing would've made a lot more sense. Brave was such a big flop at the time, it would've been great to remind people how many hits she had before that.

    I think she ignores Play because of people giving her flack over the Christina Milian thing, but it's not like the people who care about that don't know about all the other choruses she's not singing.
  12. Label politics.
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  13. @Angeleyes I definitely agree with that, there wasn’t really an immediate need for one after the success of On The Floor and Love? It’s almost like the greatest hits was to give her an excuse to tour to be honest. I feel like if she re-did it today it would be much better.

    @Sexbox Very true. She’s changed labels so many times it must be a minefield getting clearance for everything.
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  14. Releasing a hits collection around 08/09 would've also worked out well because that's around the time she parted ways with Sony.
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  15. I think she needs to reclaim "Play".
    With the vocal training she's had now it would be manageable for her.
    "Rebirth" deserves more love.
    "Cherry Pie" and "Whatever You Wanna Do" are missed opportunities singles wise and she obviously loves "Get Right".
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  16. I've never really understood the issue with the 'Dance Again... The Hits' tracklisting, at least not the deluxe version. 'Play' is the notable omission and we know why that is, but did the casual fan really need 'I'm Glad' and 'Hold You Down'?

    I suppose it would have been nice to have the original versions of 'I'm Real' and 'Ain't It Funny' included alongside their Murder Remix counterparts in some territories.

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  17. Her collab with Enrique Iglesias “Mouth 2 Mouth” still remains one of her best songs. How it went unreleased is a crime.
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  18. The tracklist should have been as follows:

    1. If You Had My Love
    2. Feelin So Good
    3. Waiting for Tonight
    4. Let's Get Loud
    5. Love Don't Cost A Thing
    6. Play
    7. I'm Real
    8. I'm Real (Murder Remix feat. Ja Rule)
    9. Ain't It Funny
    10. Ain't It Funny (Murder Remix feat. Ja Rule)
    11. I'm Gonna Be Alright (Trackmasters Remix feat. Nas)
    12. Jenny From the Block (feat. Jadakiss and Styles)
    13. All I Have (feat. LL Cool J)
    14. I'm Glad
    15. Get Right
    16. Que Hiciste
    17. Do It Well
    18. On the Floor
    19. I'm Into You (feat. Lil Wayne)
    20. Dance Again

    Omitting genuine flops like Baby I Love You, Hold You Down, Papi (even though its a mega bop), and Louboutins. Thats really all it had to be. Basically just all her singles in one place, minus just a few that even her biggest fans might not remember.
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  19. Control Myself too.
  20. I hate greatest hits that just run in release order. It shows lack of imagination. I appreciate when they mix things up and figure out a way for old and new tracks to flow nicely.

    I do agree that so much time has passed she could easily re-record Play with a version of her singing the chorus and omit Christina Milian's vocals but... whether that will ever happen now, I don't know. I don't think she ever really loved the song to start with, did she?
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