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Jennifer Lopez

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Aamyko, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Dear Ben (Something Fun for the Girls for the Summertime 2021 Remix)
  2. She called it one of her favourite songs of the album here at 6:35

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  3. I have seen that. I've also seen somewhere else where she says she never wanted to record it. So who knows.
  4. For hardcore Jennifer fans: does "I'm Glad" (Extended Video Version) exists somewhere in any release of the single/promo/vinyl?
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  5. Not Bennifer getting entire thinkpieces in 2021.


  6. Randomly thought of this today. So good.
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  7. I'm still so annoyed that we never got the full show released. As a first proper tour she was beyond incredible.
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  8. Her love of Hold It Don't Drop It makes me giddy, one of her best songs.
  9. If the video is to be believed, she said she hated the demo but Tommy Mottola twisted her arm into recording it and she ended it loving the final version. I think the story is plausible, but it could’ve also been what she said (it being her favorite) just because she was about to push it as the second single from her album.

    It’s still one of my favorites nonetheless.
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  10. Whether or not they're really dating, this old school publicity stunt vibe of this whole thing might make me stan!
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  11. Not gonna lie Im loving the nostalgia vibes of Bennifer 2.0.
  12. I know people gave him grief back in the day for his "J.Lo make-over" but he looks amazing in the left pic. He needs to shave and ditch the cigarette.
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  13. Poor J.Lo.
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  14. Bennifer is just, everything.

    "Play", likewise, is everything. Probably her best song.
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  15. If the material is strong and you consistently score 2-3 hits with every era, you have nothing to fear? I love chronological Greatest Hits if the source material is ideal. Just look at Immaculate Collection.
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  16. She should capitalize this moment and release something. A "El Diablo" cover wouldn't hurt.
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  17. Looking forward to This Is Me... Then pt.2, still her best album.
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  18. I love it that she keeps performing this and ''Do It Well''. I love them so much and most artists tend to skip songs from flop albums.
  19. That Was Me... Then, This Is Me... Now
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