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Jennifer Lopez

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Aamyko, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. I enjoyed this a bit too much.
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  2. But the shit she would get for releasing a Bad Romance knock-off would be intense.
  3. YES! I once did an unbridled search for this version (that I love so much). After a lot of struggle, I found it on a russian forum and begged the person to send it me. That was in 2012, I think. It's part of a european version of the single that I have no idea about what it is anymore.
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  4. I literally only read about their night in jail on Twitter recently and have not known peace since.
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Hilarious though I’m sure they still hang out as co-parents for the kids
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  7. Now I all I want is a photo with her, Diddy, Marc and Ben together in one place. How iconic would that be?
  8. She should buy Exaholic, polish the production and release it ASAP.
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  9. The face that summer is rolling in and I’ve got her Latin America songs on play + the Bennifer hype/nostalgia has me like a kid again
  10. This whole thing made me give This is Me... Then a serious listen and it's... fine. The production on Loving You is 2000s R&B bliss. Her vocals are honestly tough to get through and my issue with them is they're both shrill and... bored-sounding? I keep on thinking a singer who understands their voice more could've bodied these songs more. Dear Ben was a kii though.
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  11. I know that it was unceremoniously scrapped, but my gay little heart will always have a soft spot for Louboutins and I will always say that it should have been a worldwide smash.

    Plus, the way she fell flat on her ass during the AMAs performance, but literally brushed it off, before launching into the dance break. Her abilities as a performer are genuinely incredible and never cease to entertain.

    Her performance on So You Think You Can Dance was incredible and she looked flawless, as always.

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  12. I will forever be pressed that the straights did Louboutins dirty like that. Such a jam.
  13. Brave is underrated. It's one of her best albums.
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  14. It’s time to be brave, say I’m not afraid, not anymore!
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  15. Do It Well - Hold It Dont Drop It - Mile In These Shoes would have been such an excellent singles run.
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  16. I loved 'Louboutins' on first listen. Time has taken a little of the shine off, but it's still an underrated bop.

    That AMAs performance remains super impressive. The speed with which she bounced right back up and hit the first marks for that dance break like nothing had happened. That's what you call a professional.

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  17. Louboutins is ok. They "tay-king back my love" at the beginning has alway been a bit jarring to me. It didn't deserve to flop as hard as it did, but it did kind of do us a favor cuz if it hadn't we probably wouldn't have gotten On the Floor, I'm Into You, Papi, Hypnotico, and Charge Me Up Babeh. Still, Louboutins deserved an outing in Vegas.

    Brief tangent: I remember her promoting Louboutins on Ryan Seacrest's show and he was saying how he didn't know how to pronounce it and was making a big show of how he - a man - would not know, and I remember thinking "dude, you interview women about their outfits for a living. Stop pretending you don't know how to pronounce Louboutins! This is why people don't think you're straight - because you try so hard to convince them you are!".
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  18. Brandy’s version of Louboutins is far superior. It sounds better in a lower key.

  19. "Fresh Out The Oven" was a multi-week #1 that never was.
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