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Jennifer Lopez

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Aamyko, Mar 10, 2008.

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  2. The way Ben talked about her setting goals and methodically pursuing them is such an inspiration for my procrastinating ass.
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  3. The fact that I still need to Youtube pirated versions of the epileptic Jonas Akerlund video is homophobia in its peak. Why the fuck they didn't release this officially?
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  4. For sure. Hardest working woman in show business in the last 20 years for me.
  5. Latest rumour today is that JLo is headlining or at least in talks for headlining Glastonbury 2022. Never thought we’d see the day she’s headline a festival such as that! Shows the respect she now has as a performer compared to 10 years ago.
  6. I don't see it, but it'd be nice.
    I just want new music.
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  7. She has earned that Legends slot for sure.
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  8. Interesting, if true. Not someone I'd associate with to play Glastonbury but then if Kylie can.
  9. No shade to her, but was she ever that big in the UK? I always thought her success was more skewed towards the US.

  10. I just peeped her stats and 15 UK Top 10's (and 20 Top 20's) is pretty impressive.
  11. She's big worldwide, let's not kid ourselves. She may not have had 10 no.1 singles or anything but the majority of folk know her biggest hits and know who she is.
  12. Always with the hottest takes. No, they only listened to Enya and Phil Collins.
  13. Yeah, she has more than enough hits and clout to headline. Her profile is arguably the biggest it’s been since the early 2000’s as well.
  14. I’d love some new music I really would
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  15. Waiting for Tonight, On The Floor, Jenny from the Block and Love Don’t Cost A Thing alone are as good as anything anyone that has ever headlined Glasto.
  16. On the Floor in front of 100k people? A moment right there.
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  17. Yes, both as a celebrity and fashion icon as well as a bop-provider.
  18. The tea is scalding hot. So true.
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  19. Also: Play.

    Don't let it's #3 UK chart peak fool you, it was #1 in my and many other ten year old hearts.
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