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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Aamyko, Mar 10, 2008.

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    You were close enough! There's a Target edition with After Love (Part 2) and an unnamed bonus track (I'm assuming it's Lonely but we'll see). I'm guessing it'll make its way to streaming later in the year.
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  2. Brave is by far my favourite J-Lo album, especially when you add Frozen Moments.
  3. Rumours growing pace that JLo is replacing Ariana on The Voice USA.

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  4. Shooting of her movie in Spain is delayed indefinitely due to Covid, so she has time free in her hands now...
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  5. It looks like someone's gotten shitty they weren't credited. The cover for Marry Me has changed to show Maluma and the album is credited as Jennifer Lopez and Maluma now.

    They also lipsynced to Play on Drag Race so someone in JLo's team knows it exists to approve it.

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  6. Is there any way to order the Target edition for the UK? I want the extra songs for completionist reasons.
  7. LPT


    Could we try putting things in spoilers please.
  8. Thanks for the spoiler beb.
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  9. Jennifer didn't write or produce Play so I don't think she has a say in where or how its used.

    Every cover for Marry Me has been a cheesefest and the new one takes the cake. God these are awful covers.
  10. I really hope that the physical cover is still just Jen. I did notice that they changed the cover for the On My Way remix so wondered what was going on.
  11. I mean it's a semi musical Rom Com, it was always going to be heavy on the cheese.
    I don't mind the new cover, I'll use it for the Maluma solo tracks and use the Jen only one for her tracks.
  12. The movie looks absolutely preposterous having seen the trailer twice (while seeing Scream), but On My Way actually sounds decent with the mix they use in it.
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  13. Marry Me the song comes out on the 2nd according to Jenny’s socials. Sounds pretty good to me.
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  14. Some new interviews and photoshoots were released today, and she has several interviews and TV appearances planned for this week... She has always been so good at promoting her work and herself
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  15. The songs sound promising!
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  16. Quietly excited........
  17. I love a JLO promo blitz. Keep us fed mutha.
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  18. Church and Nobody's watching sound like the ones from those brief clips, but all of it sounds great.
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  19. It's cute.
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  20. It's quite basic but also very catchy. The Ring Ring Ring part will stay in my brain for weeks I fear. Sounds like something that straight people will play at every wedding for the next 1000 years.
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