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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Aamyko, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. This is such a petty complaint, but I hate the way that songs on soundtracks are titled these days. Why did (Kat & Bastian Duet) have to be a part of the song's title? Ugh.

    "Marry Me" is a bop though. I've had the song stuck in my head since seeing the trailer and I'm glad that the song lives up to the snippet's catchiness.
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  2. my copy of the album has dispatched. It feels so odd and good to be awaiting an actual J-Lo album coming in the post again.
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  3. Jenny playfully blasting Hoda at 6:10 was very cute. She has that star quality even during an 8am morning show interview.
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  4. The way she navigates her hair being off at the start, the Bennifer shit to calling out Hoda was great to see.

    The album is a cute little EP. Church, After Love and Nobody's Watching are bops.
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  5. The soundtrack is pretty great, Church, Love of my life, Nobody’s watching. After Love, Maluma’’s 2 songs too.
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  6. I must be the only one who can’t stand any of this, then? The production sounds… sparse? Dare I say cheap? The material feels a little beneath her, and it really lets her down. Jennifer’s vocals don’t succeed for me here - she sounds a trifle strained in places. She really thrives when enveloped in lush production and vocal layering (hi Ashanti!), This Is Me… Then was like aural cashmere, it sounded so opulent.

    That’s not to say JLo isn’t a competent vocalist - she absolutely is - but she makes magic when she’s aware of her limitations and reigns it in accordingly. Brave (the song) was a great example of this. It doesn’t help that none of the melodies here go anywhere or feel particularly memorable (Church is a racket to these ears). Then again, this is a predominately downtempo affair, and ballads have never been JLo’s strong suit (with a few rare exceptions) - for me at least. She tends to favor the schmaltz.

    Still, I’m really looking forward to seeing the film. We all deserve a classic, comforting JLo romcom after the dystopia of the last three years. And I continue to respect her unparalleled dedication to being an old fashioned, bonafide superstar of the ilk you rarely see these days.
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  7. Well I'm loving the album! Pa Ti always was such a great song so I love it popping up in this and having a proper home. Her vocals on Church just show how much she's learnt from actually singing live as she's using her voice in more interesting ways at times. Love Of My Life is addictive!
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  8. I imagine most of these songs were created with the idea that they'd work for the 15-20 seconds they'd be played within the movie, rather than being an amazing body of work.

    Saying that After Love Pt1. is pretty great.
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  9. It's a pleasant listen. Nothing groundbreaking but quite cute and I can't wait to see the movie for some light entertainment. I wish they'd also had added Lonely though since this is an orphaned single now.
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  10. Patiently waiting for this damned CD to arrive. I wanna bop.

  11. I think all J.Lo has is orphaned singles! I'm ok with Lonely not making it as it did at least come out on the vinyl release so it has a home somewhere.

    My CD arrived today and I can confirm that it is just Jen on the cover so it's completely perfect.
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  12. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    My head kind of hurts after listening to this fffff. The production is so cheap in places, and whoever handled Jenny's vocals needed to have a second go at it because she does not sound good on some of these songs. Marry Me and After Love (Part 1) are cute I guess but I wouldn't miss them if I never heard them again.

    The movie looks like it'll be iconically bad/enjoyable so I'm still looking forward to it!
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  13. The Jen only cover looks so much better. I wonder if the cover will be changed on the physical copies if there's a second (or more) pressings.
  14. My CD just arrived too and I’m pleasantly surprised the booklet contains lyrics!
    Had a listen earlier on Spotify and it sounded good to me so not sure why some of you are being a bit much suggesting this is trash.
    I also think this whole album will be even more enjoyable after watching the movie.
    Feels cool to finally have another album to add to my J.Lo collection.
  15. There are some good little bops here. Nothing is up there with her best but I wasn't expecting that from a movie soundtrack.
    I also really like the two solo Maluma songs, but I am not up on his music so no clue if they are typical of his music.
    Really looking forward to the movie though. There's a warm feeling you get with a J-Lo Rom Com, she always nails them.
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  16. I'm kinda fascinated by how she is such a big household star but so simultaneously deeply underated. Ask the GP and they will dismiss her music, her films and her talent; but facts, are facts American, that she has at least 5 actually iconic songs and films. I mean Love Don't Cost A Thing, On The Floor, Waiting For Tonight, Jenny From The Block, I'm Real, The Wedding Planner, Monster In Law, Hustlers, The Cell, Selena, most entertainers would kill for one of those hits. Ain't nobody does it like J.Lo.

  17. I actually loved this so much. Maluma needs to spend a bit more time with Jen to learn the art of lip synching though. I still can't believe that we finally got as close as we can possibly get to a new Jennifer album yesterday.
  18. I feel like the only way for her to get another album out is the 3 EP strategy and I'm surprised they haven't done that yet.
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  19. This was really cute! I enjoyed it a lot.

    I haven't finished listening to the album yet, but so far is enjoyable.
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