Jennifer Lopez

She always comes off as such a nice person who clearly adores her fans and is thankful for the support she receives from us. It's an endearing quality.
Honestly Jenny's music and her movies have been a part of my life for so long and I can always rely on them to get me out my dark periods when I begin to slip on my mental health journey. Like I've said, her rom coms have a warmth to them that feels like a cozy blanket on a cold day. You know you are going to be entertained for a few hours.
You can fall back on her music to make you feel happy and perk you up.

End of emotional rant.
No it's true, and I think because she's such a hustler and so business minded about the JLO machine she forgets the human impact she has on so many people so it's nice to see her react in that way where she's genuinely taken aback by it and not taking it for granted.
Yes, some people like to throw her under the bus when it comes to her 'talent' but she really is one of the best all-round performers.

Also, she has to be THE BEST at lip synching, right? I don't know of anyone else who does it as well.
The more I listen the more I am enjoying the album. I normally hate shorter songs but they all feel fully realised here. Love of My Life is the only one I don't like that much (the remix rectifies most of my issues though)

Church is such a brilliant song, this is a soundscape I'd love Jennifer to explore more. "you make me feel like singing halleluiah" is so damn catchy. There are loads of catchy hooks all over the album actually.
After Love is the other main one for me, both parts are amazing. Part 2 is basically an alternate mix but still different enough to warrant it's place.
Nobody's Watching reminds me of In The Morning and that's no bad thing.

Marry Me is cute but I feel like they missed a trick by not having church bells in it? Especially the ballad version.

Pa Ti (and Lonely) are the outliers, I read they were done after production and recording was done which explains why they sound different (and why Maluma and J-Lo namecheck themselves in them)

On My Way is still brilliant, both in original and remix form.
Jennifer also had things like that Sweetface clothing line or whatever that didn’t work out. I’m sure JLo’s version of almost broke and everyone else’s has about a 5 million dollar difference though.

I remember the MTV doc she done for the creation of the show, can't find it online anymore.

I think she's learned to be far smarter business-wise. Creating her own production company, having more of a hand in the game with her deals etc. I remember with her perfume line, it was insanely successful but she only received a relatively small upfront and minimal percentage of sales.
What a boss! She looks amazing

Here is the interview

Very interesting interview. These parts especially stuck out for me:

Not quite as bad, however, as the fight that went down when she informed her parents that she had dropped out of college to devote herself to dance full time. “They definitely had their doubts. I mean, I would too. Listen, if we were growing up in the Bronx right now, and one of my kids came to me and said, ‘This is what I want to do,’ I’d be like, ‘Okaaaay.’ You’d just think to yourself, ‘Oh, really? How are you going to pull that off? You’re going to call a rich Hollywood producer and they’re going to put you in a movie? You’re going to get discovered? Like, get real.’” She laughs out loud at the absurdity of landing where she has. “When you grow up in those neighborhoods, to dream bigger is only to set yourself up for disappointment.”

“She wasn’t very good in the beginning, but she got better,” says Maria Christensen, who wrote and recorded “Waiting for Tonight” with her band 3rd Party and then licensed the song to Lopez. “The engineers thought she was a never-give-up kind of person. They would comp vocals, do a bunch of takes and put them together. She would just work so hard, sing it over and over. She would just go until she couldn’t go any more.”

In other words, she has worked so hard. She has endeavored to say only the right things and do only the right things and live in that place of self-love and gratitude. But she still feels that disconnect. “It’s just 20, 25 years of people going, ‘Well, she’s not that great. She’s pretty and she makes cute music, but it’s not really this and that.’ You know, I think I’ve done some nice work over the years, some really nice work. But there is a club that I just wasn’t a part of. And I always acted like, ‘Yeah, I’m good. I’m fine. I’m OK.’ But it hurts to not be included. I don’t know if I will ever be. There is an inner circle, like, ‘We are the great artists.’ And then there’s the pop artists.” Dreaming big can set you up for disappointment. She’s known that since she was just a girl in the Bronx sneaking out the window to meet her first boyfriend.
Reading the Rolling Stone interview, the part about her being almost broke around 2007-8 was definitely surprising.

I'm sure she wasn't broke broke, though to not be able to buy a new car must have been bad by her own standards

Something is off in this timeline or am I wrong?

This was when her twins, Emme and Max, were toddlers and she was in the process of divorcing Anthony and her label had dropped her and her album sales were lackluster and she was over 40 and no one would cast her in their movie and she wanted to trade in a car. “And my business manager was like, ‘Nope, you can’t do anything right now,’” she says. “I was like, ‘Really?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, let’s not make any moves right now. Let’s just wait until you can work again.’”

So Lopez did work. Despite warnings that it would be the nail in the coffin of her career, she took a job on American Idol, beaming herself into American homes two nights a week and comporting herself not as a diva who insisted on being surrounded by white lilies and insured her ass (that’s not a thing, for what it’s worth) but rather as a hardworking single mom who got all teary when contestants soared or failed. She launched her first world tour. Nuyorican picked up Hustlers to the clamorous admonitions of (male) industry types who thought that the strippers should be softened and made more “likable.” Lopez ignored these comments and spent her last prepandemic year learning how to slay on a stripper pole. She shot Hustlers — for which she did not take a salary — in 29 days. When she was asked to perform at the 2020 Super Bowl with Shakira, protestations erupted that NFL bigwigs thought it took two Latinas to do the job of one white man. Lopez took the job anyway and used her platform to fill the field of Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium with Latino children — including one of her own — singing in glowing, white cages as those NFL bigwigs presumably lost their minds.

Didn't she break up with Anthony after she was done with American Idol and in the middle of her only European tour?
Yes, in 2011 but I imagine they separated before then, and before the success she had with Idol and On The Floor, so the timeline is probably more 2009-10.
I think she and Marc were still together until summer 2011. I don't think they separated much earlier than that. But yes, I think the timeline being referred to is 09-10, cuz that is when she parted ways with Epic and had The Back Up Plan postponed and no new movies on the horizon.