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Jennifer Lopez

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Aamyko, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. I would've rethought that wig, not gonna lie.
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  2. Nn that haircut only worked for Dua for a reason.
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  3. J.Lo coming close to being broke doesn't sound like what any of us would consider broke but then I guess she has a lot more outgoings than any of us would ever have! Stylists, make-up artists, drivers, staff, etc. etc.
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  4. Church deserves to be a multi week number 1. It’s so brilliant.
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  5. That lighting (and hairstyle) is not cute but her stories are. Love her Streisand impression.
  6. She’s so watchable. This era deserves to be super successful for her.

    I’m loving the album more and more.

  7. I’ll stop posting now
  8. I need to see this in full. The choreography is everything. I'm genuinely excited for the film having lived with the soundtrack all week.
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  9. She’s in a league of her own! The best!
  10. Hoping that a tour announcement is coming next week after the film is released.
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  11. From what I’ve seen online this morning, the reception for Marry Me seems to be very positive!
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  13. Reviews for Marry Me are pouring in and they’re all surprisingly positive. I don’t know why I expected it to get blasted but I am happy Jenny seems to have got another hit on her hands.
  14. Really? I just googled the movie and... all the reviews that are displayed are negative.

    I'm listening to the soundtrack, and I'm sorry, it's pretty dreadful. Her voice always sounds scratchy and straining now.

    83% on RT currently
  16. The reviews are actually fairly mixed. Not overwhelmingly positive or negative. Much like most of her rom coms honestly. I think it'll do alright but not end up a huge hit by any means. Still looking forward to it.
    Seeing a fair bit of praise for Jen and Owen's chemistry. She always manages to nail that with her leading men.
  17. The album has grown so much on me that I ended up ordering the CD tonight.
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  18. It sounds like...a Jennifer Lopez romcom. Not terrible, not brilliant, just...there.

    It always felt like Hollywood were trying to make her and Jennifer Aniston the successors to Meg Ryan as queen of the genre, but neither has been in anything that holds a candle to When Harry Met Sally or Sleepless In Seattle.
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