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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Aamyko, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Both have had a longer careers than her though.
  2. Meg Ryan and Julia Roberts hit just as rom coms were coming back into fashion at the box office and so they got the best vehicles. By the time the mid 00's had arrived people were fatigued with that genre and the recycled tropes. So I don't think its that their talent and resumes can't hold a candle to Sleepless in Seattle, I think its that no one is writing scripts like that anymore.
  3. Okay but When Harry Met Sally is kind of terrible. Carrie Fisher is the only good thing about it. Meg never feels like the star of her own movies.
    The best body of work she's done is making Jack Quaid.

    Jennifer has charisma in spades and gives believable portrayals in her movies and she keeps you invested and captivated in a way that not many other actresses do.
    Rom coms are meant to be cheesy and sappy. They don't need to be the pinnacle of cinema, people watch them for some light relief and to lose themselves in a silly but endearing love story.
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  4. Well, that was kind of my point: her romcoms generally deliver exactly what you expect from them, no more no less, and you'll likely have forgotten them by the time the next one comes along (there literally is another one coming in June). So the reviews aren't really of much relevance.

    If I did her any disservice it was the comparison to Jennifer Aniston, whose work in the genre mostly is unwatchable dross and a criminal waste of her talents.
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  5. I hope so, but the tour will be the same show she did in Vegas + the Marry Me songs?
  6. Fine by me!
  7. And Marry Me deliver a little more than that, it’s her best romcoms which isn’t saying much since she has only done mediocre ones at best but this actually works on many level, the comedy and the more emotional moment didn’t feel forced, and even more surprising her chemistry with Owen Wilson is really beautiful to watch.
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  8. I didn’t realise there was a tour rumoured! Will so be getting tickets, after she cancelled Manchester back in 2012!
  9. I don’t think it’s rumoured I think we’re just hoping she will announce something. Surely it must be in the works as there has been such a huge focus on the music.
  10. I don’t think she’ll be touring this year, now she still has The Mother for Netflix to finish, promo for another movie this summer and she’s filming another movie for Netflix in the fall it’s a big action science fiction film which will probably require a couple of months of training.
  11. Nobody’s Watching is really nice! Definitely a nice addition to her collection.
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  12. The movie was cute but I'd rank it pretty low amongst her filmography. The Mother & Shotgun Wedding both sound more promising.
  13. Jennifer is just so endearing and warm in these rom coms, I can’t help but love them.

    I’m still reeling from
    Her being Vanessa Hudgen’s mum in Second Act.
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  14. I watched Marry Me last night, it's ridiculously charming and the updated 'Notting Hill for the social media age' elements give it some distinction at least. Owen Wilson was the perfect choice and they have great chemistry together.

    None of the music really stood out if I'm being honest, Love Of My Life is cute tho.
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  15. I thought it was fun. It's cheesy and predictable but it's a romcom so I expected as much. The songs have grown on me so much in the last week or so and I'm really enjoying this whole era. I hope she doesn't leave it another 8 years before we get another album.
  16. In the first email sent from this new "on the JLo" website, she mentioned she has a new music video coming out soon. I assume it won't be related to Marry Me at this point?
  17. The "Ben Affleck Valentine's Edit" of On My Way had me screaming.
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  18. I'm loving these performances, especially the Love of My Life and Time After Time medley.
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  19. I think it’s related, Ben Affleck directed it just 2 weeks ago, should be a simple video I think they had a 1 day shoot at an LA hotel.
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