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Jennifer Lopez

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Aamyko, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Remix video for On My Way.

    I enjoyed Marry Me much more than i should have. The last act is actually really funny.
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  2. It's very "I just learned from a YouTube tutoria how to edit a video 5 minutes ago" , isn't it? It was funny. And kinda sweet.

    Thanks, that's true, I had forgotten about it
  3. Hopefully it's for Nobody's Watching.
  4. I watched the buzzfeed video of her and Maluma reading thirst tweets - it felt like neither of them felt any bit comfortable reading them and it was over before they even got to the real thirsty stuff.
  5. Universal came through with the budget honey!
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  6. Marry Me did 8 million opening weekend.

    Considering her promo blitz I’m surprised it couldn’t muster a low double digit number.
  7. Isn’t it also streaming as well as in cinemas?
  8. It's on Peacock and it's Superbowl weekend. It's bang on their prediction for it.

    The movie was made for $22m so it'll be another good revenue driver for her production company.
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  9. Isn’t anything that’s not Spider-Man and a couple other exceptions like House of Gucci pretty much doing disappointing numbers these days?
  10. I would imagine a lot more people would stream a romcom than visit the cinema, right?
  11. Possibly, but I think going forward the studios need to decide that it's one or the other. The simultaneous releases aren't helping those films at all.
  12. Or they need to find a way so that streams count for the final box-office result somehow. Like they do with albums and streaming.
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  13. It's not really the same though, is it? That would only reflect revenue if you were able to count how many people subscribed to HBO Max purely to watch that film, which is a) impossible to measure and b) likely to make a pretty negligible difference anyway.

    EDIT: Peacock, not HBO Max, but the point stands.
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  14. 'Until It Beats No More' is still one of her best love songs. Even with the basic 2011 production, she sells it.
  15. I’ve never seen this before but it’s so cute

  16. I watched Marry Me the other day. By no means a classic, but it hit the Sunday afternoon spot perfectly. She and Owen Wilson were so likeable.

    I also enjoyed the fact that the age gap between Jennifer and Maluma (24 years!) isn't mentioned or even alluded to. Queen of subverting Hollywood norms!
  17. Great song! I also love Starting Over.
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  18. I enjoyed the movie for what it is and even though I didn't think much of the songs at all on first listen, most of her tracks are beginning to click with me.
  19. I've spent some time with the soundtrack and it's pretty enjoyable overall. Church and Nobody's Watching slap a lot more than I expected anything on the album to.
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  20. I was listening to the radio for the first time in ages because my Sootift ran out (don't ask) and they randomly played Cambia El Paso which is a banger! Probably my favorite spanish song of hers in forever (not too fond of Pa Ti) and it's odd it was my first time hearing it. I had to play it over and over once I got home (via youtube, sob).
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