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Jennifer Lopez

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Aamyko, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. The album is my most played of the year so far!
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  2. I quite liked After Love, but the rest of the songs were pretty poor. On My Way in particular was fingernails down the blackboard stuff.
  3. Mine too. I'll admit the album is a bit basic, but I absolutely love it!
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  4. I can’t believe this song from Will, Jennifer Lopez and Mick Jagger exists.

    Even less that it contains the actual lyrics
    I'ma work hard, that's my basis
    This beat is a shit, feces
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  5. #1 on the Bristol Stool Chart!
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  6. T.H.E was something I really loved at the time, having only been first introduced to JLo shortly before with On The Floor, but my has it aged horribly.
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  7. The song was of its time. The whole digital takeover. Etc. I was more troubled by the lack of writing creativity. The beat itself was good.
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  9. Her best album <3
  10. New video for Marry Me (Ballad)

  11. So did Ben direct this? It feels like him, since it's very "home video" including her peeing with the door open.

    I love pretending it's 2003 again.
  12. Could do with more Maluma.
  13. She's still 'real'.
  14. I think so. I'm sure I read that info somewhere but I can't find it, but it definitely feels very much like him
  15. Meekly playing random cords on the piano, cavorting with Ben in bed, cinematically crying with full on stage makeup....Bless her she always gives us camp to the max.
  16. iHeartRadio performance and speech tonight. She received the Icon Award.

  17. The performance was ok. I'm kind of over the bedazzled body suit with cut outs. She's done this look to death now.
  18. Amazing performance as per usual!
  19. Killed it as per.

    I love that she let Get Right have it's full moment. Seeing her doing that dance break with the cane never gets old.
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