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Jennifer Lopez

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Aamyko, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. She and I will never get tired of the Get Right dance routine and performance.

  2. I need a streaming release of the live arrangement of Get Right. It slaps.

    TENS will always be major.
  3. I always thought TENS should have been the lip-sync song on RPDR so I'm happy it had it's moment here!
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  4. The drag queen showcase at the beginning was a moment.
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  5. The Drag Queen portion reminded me of the one MTV did for Madonna ages ago.
    This one was super cute too but I wish the queens actually ate it up, some of them came, did a little something and then immediately went on their way while others were living it up (the one with “Booty” and the one doing Hustlers).

    J.Lo sounded great during her performance! “On My Way” still gets to me.
  6. I agree that that mix of Get Right needs to be released! It was an ok performance but something seemed off with the mic at times. I personally like big megamix for Icon Performances but the drag queen looks were good!
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  7. After watching that, I now identity as a J.Lomosexual.
  8. She’s so cool.
  9. Rob


    Lil Nas X getting his life followed by Olivia Rodrigo looking like she'd literally rather be anywhere else was a scream.
  10. Olivia Rodrigo not knowing the words to Get Right at all should have all the gays running from her. What homophobia!

    At least Halsey knows her shit.

  11. A bop for ages!
  12. Good song, fantastic video. I love the verses but the chorus is kinda weak?
  13. How is it TEN bloody years already? So nostalgic for that time.
  14. Her best Pitbull collab, one of her best ever in fact.
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  15. I had no idea she received the icon award but it’s fucking deserved. She’s a STAR. The older I get the more I realise I’m a ride or die stan for J.Lo and I’m okay with that!

    Also, the dance break to Get Right is up there with Britney’s Slave 4 U dance break in terms of just how iconic it is.
  16. I have to commend her for making Get Right her career signature song considering how it slightly underperformed on the charts by her standards at the time. (I’ll blame the straights for this underperformance)

    It truly showcases how amazing of a dancer she is and the overall commanding stage presence that she has always been.
  17. But now, we really need Justice for Do It Well, Jenny!
  18. I live for her Get Right performances but still feel lukewarm about the song itself. Rebirth is an underrated album though, some really good songs there.
    Step Into My World was a smash waiting to happen.
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  19. Yeees I need her to perform the original dance break at some point.

    Brave could have had a great singles run with Do it Well - Hold it Dont Drop It - Mile in These Shoes. It is a very strong record overall and the first time she really invested on live singing rather than pre-record.
  20. Do It Well was the song that turned me from a general casual fan to full on mega Stan.
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