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Jennifer Lopez

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Aamyko, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Still waiting for her European tour. C'mon get right!
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  2. I'm looking forward to the documentary on Netflix. I lost count of how many times I watched the superbowl show, especially suring lockdown!
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  3. Just finished the dock and loved it. 2018-2020 was such an incredible time to be a stan. I thought I was over the Oscars snub but seeing it again killed.

    Lolol at a balad version of Same Girl being used in the credits.
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  4. MB


    Really enjoyed the doc. It did bother me why it's taken 2 years for it to come out though. I expected it to cover up to present day. Also Ben A getting a sentence of screen time from what clearly looked like a full interview is lols.
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  5. I would assume tour dates are coming off the back of this? So they couldn't drop it last year?
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    I really hope you’re right! (As long as it includes at least one UK date!)
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  7. Only just started watching but it's good so far. She comes across really well, even around the Shakira thing so hopefully people will stop slagging her off.
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  8. Not my vocal cameo around the 29-minute-mark, accidentally shading her entire filmography from 2003-2018.
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  9. How incredible was ''The Cell''? Still loving it.
  10. The docu was ok, more like an old MTV documentary and similar to others recent music documentaries.
    The Waiting For Tonight remix still slaps though. I need the remix album on vinyl (was it ever released?).
  11. Honestly the doc was kind of a snooze. For a while I was really thinking they should've just aired it a few weeks after the Super Bowl on MTV or E! as a making of special, cuz that was really the main focus here. I think she came across well but she always does. It just sort of felt like it was one part Making Of for the halftime show, and one part Framing Britney Spears style reckoning and they just couldn't decide what the tone was supposed to be.

    One thing I wish they would have really shown more of is how busy she always is. It really was just preparing for the Super Bowl and promoting Hustlers. But she was also filming Marry Me and recording the soundtrack. She was just finishing a world tour. All that is briefly shown in montage moments, but one thing thats made JLo JLo is that insane work ethic. Thats shown in her rehearsals, of course, but I also thought it might have been interesting to see how she time manages so many things.

    Also I wonder how much editing it took to remove A.Rod from appearing even in the background ddd.
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  12. I really enjoyed the documentary. It didn't warrant a two year delay, but I get that COVID & A-Rod complicated things. In the case of the latter, you could feel his absence. Every time they played a new clip of her hugging her kids while some commentary played, it felt like the spot they'd have had him & her together.

    I know a lot of the reviews have suggested the slant was too woe-is-me, but I think it's really easy to forget how much of a pioneer she has been & how much the press's coverage of her was racist.

    It's a shame Twitter is taking her out of context. I didn't feel any type of shade towards Shakira, just that she felt she warranted her own slot.
  13. I thought the documentary was unintentionally funny and slightly camp in its self-important delusion. I would've preferred something that really peeled back the layers on her rise to fame and tabloid-era celebrity peak.
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  14. She has vastly improved as a vocalist over the years. It's a shame perhaps more of that wasn't reflected in the documentary too.
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  15. As much as I enjoyed this it does feel 2 years late. The superbowl performance remains iconic though.
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  16. Hmmm. There’s a line between being an inspiration and “self important delusion” as @Mirwais Ahmadzaï correctly put. Homecoming, in comparison, was able to temper the latter by decentralizing and limiting the ramblings. This did not. But, it still made for a very entertaining viewing.

    While I think both her and Shakira could’ve pulled off solo Super Bowls, I don’t really see it as the insult she and her team thinks it is ddd
  17. I thought the best part really was her thirsting for the Oscar. It was refreshing to see a celebrity admit that, yes, I really want that validation and to be part of that club. And it’s true that she is underestimated and unfairly valued more as a celebrity than an artist. That part was more interesting to me than the rehearsals.
  18. I really enjoyed the documentary and showed, rightly so, what a force she is given the narrative that the press create with the coverage of her relationships.

    Praying tour dates are announced off the back of this. It seems logically to do so, no?
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  19. That wasn't really the point though. At least not what I got from it. They were allotted the same amount of performance time that usually 1 act has. J.Lo wanted more and they wouldn't give it to them so both artists were forced to have to edit, condense, slice/dice their catalogue of hits into 6 mins each. And put on a great performance and get set/staging all sorted. She felt like they deserved to have more time or that it should have just be one performer instead of two.
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  20. Reminding people how insane of a performance she puts on and not announcing tour dates would be… on brand? But disappointing.
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