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Jennifer Lopez

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Aamyko, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. How is it that the AKA album sounds better in 2022 than it did in 2014??
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  2. I affine her for her honesty and drive in terms of her career. People can call it self important but for someone who has spent 3 decades now being a joke and always underestimated she has every right to say “I’m actually good at what I do and I am going to say it”
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  3. I was literally listening to it on the way home from work today and it sounds great. Such a good summer album!
  4. I can't believe she's put out the balad version of Same Girl and This Land is Your Land, but she refuses to put Louboutins, the live mix of Get Right or Throw Your Hair Back or whatever that song was that was coming around the time of Booty.

    Her musical choices sometimes are astounding.
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  5. We need AKA and Love? on vinyl.
  6. Was JLo ever really a "joke"? She reached saturation point and had some career dips but all in all I think she's had a pretty good run of things. And I lived through the Gigli era. All the while, I feel like the GP have had enduring respect and appreciation for her.
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  7. Yes! I randomly felt like listening to it in the sunshine and the whole thing bopped. Definitely underrated in her discography.
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  8. The Same Girl remix is a rerecording, right? Her vocal sounds so much better than the 2014 mix.
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  9. It was! I own a copy
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  10. The Netflix documentary is bloody brilliant. Probably the rawest popstar documentary I’ve seen, detailing what it’s like to be a female artist in the current climate. Also, an amazing insight into what goes into making a half-time show.

    I hope it gets the audience it deserves because it’s an absolute must watch for any pop fan.
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  11. All these Netflix docs are pretty fluffy, staged PR pieces. Great watch but hardly a groundbreaking look at being a woman in pop. Has anyone done this well since...Stages?
  12. Janet’s recent doc on Lifetime was the most egregious example of this. Sheryl Crow’s as well. So much wasted potential. Of course, what most of these women have in common is having been repeatedly burned by the press + public, so I don’t blame them for being guarded and hesitant to “go deep.” Still, if they’re not comfortable (understandable), why not just opt out? It’s frustrating as a fan to be promised an up close and personal, unfiltered experience only to have the same fawning talking heads and common knowledge stories wheeled out for the umpteenth time. Revealing documentary ≠ puff piece.
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  13. Right...I think I take back what I say about Stages as Madonna's "I'm Going To Tell You A Secret" was great too. Sometimes you don't need to try and achieve this big message and instead can just honestly (even when unflattering) depict the situation. This was a fun watch but felt very calculated just like Miss Americans, 5ft2, Part of Me etc
  14. Isn’t this for the locals who barely spend a single thought about Popstars in their daily lives just to be surprised celebrities they are just like us and have feelings?
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  15. This was always advertised as being centered around the Halftime show, hence the documentary title. I think some of you are being a bit much expecting this to have been some deep, profound look into her/her career. where she's going to rip her heart out and bear her soul. If anything the documentary does a clever job of making J.Lo seem more like a human being and compassionate person/mother and how hard-working she is overall. For the general public who only see her in the tabloid headlines I think they will watch this and come away with a different opinion. And I think that's probably what the overall point that the documentary was hoping to make.
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  16. Ok, i'm ready to hear what Shakira have to say about the Halftime show, bring that documentary too! I want to know everything!!! From the detectives chasing Piqué with his affair to tax evasion in Spain
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  17. I’ve been bed ridden with covid and watched this again and really loved it. It was never going to be warts and all but it was entertaining.
    And I am really loving the ballad Same Girl and This Land Is Your Land. We all know she’s not a powerhouse vocalist but she clearly puts work into training her voice and she oozes emotion when she sings.
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  18. Same Girl as a ballad. She has the worst taste in her own music ddd. Which I guess is a pop girl right of passage at this point.
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  19. The problem is... The new version goes off.
  20. RMK


    Watched the netflix doc, and re-discovered Live It Up for the first time in years when scrolling her Spotify. And there’s a solo version? Wow, let me bop.
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