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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Aamyko, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Top tier J.Lo in my opinion:
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  2. Cherry Pie, Get Right and the two Darkchild tracks are all that's worth keeping from Rebirth. The rest...exists.
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  3. “Rebirth” felt like the first time JLo’s commercial dominance started to falter. I remember picking it up at Tower Records a week or two after it came out (when I’d saved up enough allowance money), and the cashier looked so surprised and told me I was the first person to buy it. Despite “Get Right” performing decently, the whole era was just… crickets. “This Is Me… Then” seemed like much more of a moment. Of course it didn’t help that despite the title, “Rebirth” was anything but. It was JLo on cruise control, delivering one good single and a bunch of beige nothingness. These days I rate it as my least favorite of her albums by a wide margin. “Brave” was the even bigger flop, but it’s a lot more fun.
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  4. Get Right was rubbish
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  5. Brave is so so good, but that was such a weird moment in music; post-indie and pre-Gaga and no-one knew what to do with themselves. Plus the budgets were clearly being cut left right and centre.

    Reminds me in a lot of ways of Catfights and Spotlights and even Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. Such beige roll-outs that I was so surprised how good the material actually was (which maybe makes it sound even better to these ears).
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  6. I love how JLo's version of Get Right only exists because she couldn't get her hands on 1 Thing. Amerie realising what was up and leaking the song to radio before JLo could record it was a total power move.
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  7. Elaborate please.
  8. Within her recent Spanish output I find lots to enjoy but Cambia El Paso is top tier JLo without question, a bop and a half.
  9. Basically the story goes that Amerie recorded 1 Thing and took it to her label (that also represented JLo) and they kept telling her and the producer (Harrison) that the track “needed something else”. So they kept changing things to try and get approval but were stonewalled by executives and never given clear direction. Eventually Amerie heard that JLo had heard the song and wanted it and figured that she was about to have the song stolen from her so Harrison and her leaked it to radio stations hoping it would take off and prevent JLo from recording it.

    Harrison would go onto produce Get Right for JLo (which I believe is actually an outtake from sessions with Usher?).
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  10. It worked out because we got two 10/10 bops.
  11. The way she made me tear up at her losing the golden globe in the documentary. She puts in a lot of hard work. I really hope she gets her moment!
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  12. At least we got a killer LaChapelle video out of it!

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  13. Not to mention this iconic promo.
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  14. Usher's version is called 'Ride', the bridge on them is the same. I remember Usher apparently being unhappy she got the song at the time, even though he didn't want it for the Confessions album.

    'Whatever U Wanna Do' is another Rich Harrison banger from Rebirth. There was rumoured to be a video shot with David Beckham as the love interest.
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  15. Another opportunity to plug Frozen Moments, one of my favourite Jennifer songs. Hope it gets uploaded on streaming one day.

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  16. If only they'd gone with this as the cover

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  17. Not an Airrockstar creation?! The flashbacks…

    I think this would have made a better cover image. It’s very The Sweet Escape and The Fame, but whatever

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  18. 'Fresh Out The Oven' is still that slinky bop.

    Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
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  19. Still goes off
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  20. It's nice to see so many Brave-hearts here, I love that album. It's the best when public loses interest in a talented female and they are still creating great work and you have to support them even harder and then they make a comeback and you can go like "I told you so".
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