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Jennifer Lopez

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Aamyko, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Completely agree, 2007-2010 were the wilderness years as JLo fans, glad she pushed through and found the perfect song for her with ‘On The Floor.’ That song really did change her trajectory completely.
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    Is it just me or is the so-called 'remix' of Feelin' So Good on Dance Again just the album version?
    Was there a version before it got remixed for the album or is that tracklist just wrong?
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  3. I think its always been listed on On the 6 as a remix as well.
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  4. Had a bit of a moment with Brave after the love in here. It really is very good.

    It’s a shame the public skipped over it because as well as being a solid pop album, it had some pretty nice rebuttals to the media attacks she suffered through the 00s.
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  5. TMZ are reporting that Jennifer and Ben got married.
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  6. Generally not here for women changing their names but Jen Affleck is so cute.
  7. Yeah, agree. And it's not like it will affect or change anything in how she is called professionally or by the public. She will always be J.Lo
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  8. This is the greatest love story ever told and I won't hear otherwise. I'm happy for her.
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  9. A year late, but got the married in secret part right.
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  10. Justice for Dear Ben!
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  11. Congratulations guys! Jennifer, time to release a brand new mellow RnB record called 'This is'.
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  12. She looks stunning. I love how her selfies always make her look like a goddess and she throws no sort of concern about how Ben looks. Queen.
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  13. This phenomenon always drives me crazy. Britney's "And Then We Kiss" and Keri Hilson's "I Like It" are the same way: there's no officially released original version.
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  14. I was today years old when I found out that Waiting For Tonight is a cover.
  15. If she would have just dropped that Spanish album with all the songs she recorded at times now it wouldn't be anything to be ashamed of.

    El Anillo
    Cambia el Paso
    Baila Comingo
    Pa Ti
    Ni Tú Ni Yo
    Amor Amor Amor
    Te Guste

    Sure nothing really caught on and most likely nothing ever really will again. But it's not terrible.

    Also Cambia el Paso is properly fantastic.
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  16. Amor Amor Amor felt like it a was a certain smash, but alas... Congrats to her on Wedding happiness.
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  17. Por Primera Vez was shaping up to be one of her best albums yet! Gutted, and surprised, it didn't materialised.
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  18. Still no word of a tour??
  19. Not since she teased on Instagram Live a couple of months back, annoyingly. She specifically mentioned Summer 2023 so assuming dates may come at the end of this year hopefully.
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