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Jennifer Lopez

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Aamyko, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. This looks so ridiculous and dumb. I absolutely cannot wait.
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  2. Absolutely, from the same lane as the Sandra Bullock movie The Lost City.
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  3. Nobody does dumb fluff movies like this better than Jenny, I can't wait for this. She never gets the recognition she deserves for her comic timing. I'm also a fan of Josh so I guess Armie Hammer being a cannibal worked out for the best in this case. It's so damn quotable just from the trailer.
    "Sir, sir. Give me the grenade sir."
    "Stop shooting your sister!"
    "I friggin' love this cake knife"
  4. I'm watching this. Jlo really shines in a silly mindless romantic comedy.

    Jlo + a wedding dress + dumb jokes = classic for sure.
  5. Feels very much in the same vein as Monster-In-Law in the best way.
  6. It looks pretty awful, so naturally I'm all in.

    Also I'm sure Josh is a perfectly attractive 49 year old man, but next to Jennifer Lopez, who has refused to age since 2003, he looks old.
  7. He needs some J.Lo products with olive oil.
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  8. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Casting Jennifer Coolidge as Josh Duhamel's mother is just cruel!
  9. Jennifer Coolidge brandishing a's camp.
  10. The age difference is 12 years, which is a stretch but by no means Hollywood's worst crime in this particular area. Remember Angelina Jolie playing the mother of Colin Farrell, almost exactly a year younger than her, in Alexander?
  11. Armie Hammer was supposed to play the part before his scandal explode, he was fired days before shooting was about to start, that's when Josh Duhamel last minute replaced him and Jennifer Coolidge was already part of the cast.
  12. I hope the anniversary reissue has some new stuff on it, but generally they don't so I'm not expecting anything.
  13. Her best album by a landslide.
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  14. Not my favourite J.Lo album but definitely has a lot of highs. 'Still' was a lost single for sure.

  15. "For Vogue’s December issue, Jennifer Lopez talks about married life, parenting, politics, why “Mrs. Affleck” felt romantic, and how she’s been recording a highly personal new album, her first in nearly a decade—“a culmination of who I am as a person and an artist,” she says."

    This Is Me...Now incoming. Mother booked & busy as usual.
  16. Shes lied to me several times about releasing a new album. This time it better be real.
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  17. Yea.. there are like, 2 Spanish albums and at least one English album rotting on a her hard drive. So we'll see about this.

    But This Is Me... Now with the same sonic vibe? Yes please.
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  18. The Vogue shoot is gorgeous. Some of Annie Leibovitz’s best work in years.

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