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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Aamyko, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Ι love how she let herself go so weird and leftfield on Frozen Moments. Should have been... brave enough to include it on the standard edition too.
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  2. How has she released these remix packages and still not managed to put out the video version of I'm Glad anywhere?!
  3. It seems that labels don't know how to release a 20th anniversary edition these days. No new tracks, no new mixes. The remixes EP's are amazing but still missing the video mix of "I'm Glad", can't believe they re-did the whole song and didn't release it.
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  4. This Is Me...Now, The Experience coming next year.

    Is it a new album? A re-release of the old one?
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  5. New album. The tracklist is on Instagram and Twitter.

  6. Considering the name of the songs in the tracklist this is her now so they are new tracks.
  7. dddd not Dear Ben pt II, only JLO would dare.
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  8. Oh, thank you! I had not seen the second tweet.
    Nn the titles of the songs are killing me, they couldn't get more... corny lol
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  9. Classic JLo! A cheesefest!
  10. I cannot wait to hear Midnight Trip to Vegas!
  11. I want it now!
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  12. 3Xs


    Dear Ben pt. ll is sending me dddd
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  13. That clip is awful but I’m psyched nonetheless! Dear Ben is actually gorgeous so Dear Ben part 2 has much to live up to.
  14. Dead at 'Rebound'. Poor Marc.
  15. I am so f*cking here for JLo and her cheesy dramatics. I will be lapping this up as if I’m a dog going to town on his water bowl after a long walk.
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  16. I want to see the credits on this, I hope she's worked with some great producers. I'd love an old school Darkchild moment.
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  17. Oh wow the ''This is me...Now'' is actually happening? Nice.

    What's sending me is... did she recreate the ''This is me... Then'' cover now? Man, she's ageless...
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  18. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Considering the change when she goes from then to now I think a certain amount of deepfake was involved?
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  19. Hahaha maybe. I only notice the filters and the lights changing.

    Now, all these years of non-album singles... they will all remain non-album singles. Ay.
  20. Based on instagram's posts I'm seeing, I guess she re-create the This is me... then cover shot.
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