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Jennifer Lopez

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Aamyko, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. This is bound to become one of the most non event album releases of the century really!

    After "J.Lo," her studio albums have pretty much sucked except for a few good songs, so I honestly can't see how anyone will actually give a shit that she's got a gh out.
  2. And what was she thinking with the Brave album cover?! Tacky, but also misleading. Makes it look like a trashy dance album, not generic R&B.

  3. Absolutely! Cascada would whore themselves out to have a cover like that! Its so clubland
  4. AND I read somewhere it cost a ridicul-arse amount too, just goes to show a lot of dollar doesn't guarantee style.

    Where's Baby I Love You?! loved the R Kelly remix for that!
  5. YES! The only R Kelly thing I can actually stand! It would seem she's omitted two of my favourite J Lo singles (Baby I Love You/Feelin' So Good)

    I wonder what the new single will sound like?!

    I have an amazing image in my mind of the lyrics being along the lines of "i've fucking told ya'll already IM STILL FROM THE BLOCK!"
  6. Me three. It repulsed me. And that live video didn't help things either. I really don't like live videos.
  7. Am hoping it's a club "banger" like Get It Right, that's so good DJ's won't be put off playing it like Janet's Feedback seemed to be cursed with.

    But yeah it'll probably be emphasising how close to her roots she still is and how she couldn't be more "Real" or something.
  8. I'm looking forward to the greatest hits and thought it would be out for christmas this year. Oh well *sigh* Even though I'd never be "brave" enough to buy one of her regular albums (for fear that its mostly filler), you cant complain too much about that GH line-up of tracks. Say what you like about the woman, shes pulled many a hit out of her gargantuan ass over the past 10 years!
  9. Appears that it will be the lame rap remix of "Ain't It Funny" on the album, oh well. Still a great greatest hits-lineup, and Jennifer Lopez feels like the perfect artist (Good singles, poor albums) to release one. It's easy to dismiss her, but she is quite a good singer and definitely a talented actress.
  10. Um, have you seen Maid in Manhattan? Or Gigli? Or anything she's been in? As for her voice, if a fire in a pet shop is your aural nirvana, I guess she's brilliant. Thank God she doesn't sing her own choruses.

    She has had some cracking singles though; it's a shame another artist with more talent and likeablilty didn't get them to record.
  11. As for her acting career, she always plays the same character - the insanely nice slightly vulnerable girl. Probably another factor in her "keeping it real," facade.

  12. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    She was good in Selena, Out Of Sight and that gothic one with Vince Vaugh
  13. paul lekakis

    paul lekakis Guest

    Yes, I also liked her in "Enough" and her comedies were good. It's funny forgettable fluff like "Wedding Planer" and "Monster-in-Law", no need for an Oscarworthy performance there...

    Regarding the tracklist, it looks great. They just need to put the Rap mixes for the US and put the Pop versions on all other versions of the album. "Let's Get Loud" was also a biger hit for her in most territories, than "Feelin' So Good". I like the former better, anyway. It's like all Gloria Estefan songs rolled into one. And be happy she didn't put "Baila" on there, that one is ewww. "Baby I Love U" was probably omitted because of the "Gigli"-connection, the nadir in her career. I would have liked "Hold You Down" on here, it's lovely actually. Her most underrated single, suffering from a Summer release while it sounds so Christmassy.

    Since I'm not going to get my lavish 2-Disc set with all singles, some album cuts (Cherry Pie, Still, Walking on Sunshine, Open Off My Love...) and rarities (Out on the Floor) I'm happy with this.

    I hope that, if there is going to be a DVD Edition, it will have ALL of her videos including the unreleased "Brave" one and not just the 10 best ones like the Enrique and Christina one has...

    Plus, I think it's obvious that this is the final release in her commercial music career. She has had her extensive nationwide Tour last year, I suppose that was the last thing she wanted to achieve as a singer and now she's probably done with it and might release the odd "for the Fans" album every couple of years...
  14. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    I think a full bonus dvd might be unlikely as except for the 2 'Brave' videos all her clips were either featured on the deluxe edition of 'Brave' or the 'The Reel Me' dvd...

    That dvd was brilliant actually. All the video's, bonus cd, excellent cover art, optional interviews between the clips... Excellent. I can highly recommend it to anyone!

    I hope the Greatest Hits catapults her back into pop superstardom. I like Jennifer Lopez the popstar.
  15. is Brave any good? I have everything up to then, but just lost interest after the dissapointment of Rebirth
  16. Ooooh i may buy this!

    I honestly wouldn't mind if she had the rap versions of 'I'm Real' and 'Ain't It Funny', i like both them and album cuts. 'I'm Gonna Be Alright' better have the Nas version though, hate how dull the J-Lo one is.
  17. futurix

    futurix Guest

    Crap! I knew they will miss something important...
  18. It didn't really do very well anywhere so not really a great loss.
  19. YES it is! it's one of her best. I don't really understand why some people think singles collections should just miss out certain songs. Surely a greatest hits album that includes the more obscure songs and the forgotten gems is more interesting? As opposed to one that only includes the songs that got flogged to death on radio and you've heard too many times.
  20. Agreed. The only time im ever tempted to buy a GH is if I've never bought a studio album by the act or if theres a shed load of bonus'

    Otherwise pointless really, as I already have it all!
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