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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. A random trawl of Youtube just led me to this little gem - Heart Over Mind by Jennifer Rush:

    It's fantastic! Like a lost Laura Branigan classic.

    I've always just known Jennifer Rush as the woman who sang Power of Love and thought of her as a one hit wonder but would love to know if she has any other songs/albums like this in that fab mid-80s power pop vein?

    I had a quick look on iTunes and she has a hundred different greatest hits and the album this comes from is, of course, not there!

    So are there any fans who can advise me of her best ie most comprehensive "best of" or other key tracks to look out for. I love discovering "new" old songs like this!
  2. It's the typical scenario, you need at least two compilations! I had the same thing about 2 years ago when I was putting together a Jennifer Rush anthology....

    Songs you definitely need: Heart Over Mind, Madonna's Eyes, Power Of Love, Ring Of Ice, Flames Of Paradise. There are others too....
  3. That was quick! Thank you - I'm amazed I've never heard any of her other songs before. Heart Over Mind was love at first listen for me. I will check out the songs you mention on Youtube and take it from there. It always annoys me on iTunes when there are so many different compilations with different tracklistings.

    I often wondered why after Power of Love was so massive she just vanished in the UK charts.
  4. She had a #14 with Ring Of Ice on the back of the Power Of Love, but then that was pretty much it. She did well in the US with Flames Of Paradise because it's an Elton John duet (and an uptempo stomper), but she never had another chart entry here as far as I know.
  5. I Come Undone needs to be added to that list as well, I always forget something!
  6. On Wikipedia it says Flames of Paradise was thought to be a surefire UK Number One by both Smash Hits and Number One magazine!
  7. Haha! Oh dear...they ought to have known better; it was Elton's wilderness period in the UK - no hit singles between Nikita in 1985 and the live version of Candle In The Wind in 1988! In the US he continued to have at least one Top 40 hit every year until about 1991.
  8. I'm not a hardcore Jennifer Rush fan but I think the Stronghold collection is the kind of box set every artist should strive for. It's definitely made for the fans, with rare mixes and rare tracks, while being an excellent overview of a career.
  9. Pity about the terrible sleeve! She was a nice looking woman once. But I just see Pete Burns now.
  10. The first time this sentence has been uttered in the entire history of the world. HA!!!
  11. For once I am actually original then!
  12. Ha! Yes, the cover is quite garish but you'll never forget it!
  13. Funny I was thinking that same thing while I was watching her "Tears in the Rain" video the other night on how she looks like Pete. I was teasing a friend of mine who is a big Dead or Alive fan with pictures of the two.

    I have been on a bit of a Jennifer Rush kick lately. She was really big in Germany in the 80's. "Destiny", "I come Undone" and "You're my One and Only" are my favorites.
  14. All of the Heart Over Mind album is ace, but Down To You, Call My Name, and the thundering juggernaut that is Heart Wars are amazing. Ring Of Ice, Destiny, and much of 1988s 'Passion' album are good. There's signs of a return to form on her 2010 album 'Now Is The Hour' but as mentioned a good starting point is the 3cd 'Stronghold' collection.

    I think because of saturation, the frankly incredible 'The Power Of Love' is often overlooked, but sit down, turn volume up and listen to all 7 minutes of the full length version, and it still makes the hairs stand up, sends shivers down my spine and leaves me open mouthed in wonder. It is I think one of the best pop songs ever.
  15. I agree with you about "The Power of Love". I think her version is the best. Her vocal is absolutely perfect. As much as I love Laura Branigan, her version sounds too strained and Celine's is too polished. Jennifer's is so passionate and it still sounds good today.

  16. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    I like how the sub-heading on Stronghold looks like "THE COLLECTOR SHIT BOX"
  17. Just downloaded Heart Over Mind and Eric Generic's recommendations as well as "thundering juggernaut" (couldn't resist that description manloveuk!) Heart Wars. They are right up my street, anthemic 80s pop, and I can already tell I am going to end up getting the whole Stronghold set. A new pop obsession is born!
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  18. I'm a huge Jennifer Rush fan. Got into her about 2 years ago when I randomly bought her first album (which is amazing)!
    I would definitely recommend it.

    I then went onto buy all of her albums on Amazon (most of them used and new for 1p - bargain) and she now has become one of my favourite singers.

    I would also recommend getting her newest album - "Now Is the Hour", which came out a couple of years ago. It's brilliant. A mixture of dance tracks and ballads.

    "Heart Over Mind" is a great album too. "Heart Wars" is one of my favourite tracks.

    "Passion" is also a fabulous album (my second fave), so check it out.

    The "Stronghold" boxset is a must. It has loads of rare tracks/b-sides and extended mixes.
  19. I must also recommend the track "I See a Shadow Not a Fantasy" from her first album.
    It has been my number 1 played song on iTunes for ages.
    80s pop at it's best!
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