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Jess Glynne - Always In Between (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LA Hallucinations, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. '123' has been released as a pre-release song. It's still pretty much more of the same. The chorus is nice.

  2. It's okay, nothing special.
  3. It's the worst from the released ones.
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  4. Agreed.
  5. At least this isn't a 100% carbon copy of the last two songs.
  6. But it would be better if it was, so.
  7. All I Am rises from 11-9 on this week's chart after being stuck at #11 for the past 3 weeks.
    Her 11th top ten hit.
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  8. Ddd she's coming for Rita Ora's Top 10 record! Well.. Rita will probably break the record next week when Let You Love Me goes Top 10.
  9. Up to 7 this week. I feel like the album should be out already.
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  10. As Atlantic Records album launches go, though, we should be thankful for the five-month gap between first single and album.
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  11. The album is out on Friday. She'll be fine.
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  12. [​IMG]
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  14. I just stumbled across Broken in new music Friday and Jesus...she sounds like she’s gargling Listerine instead of singing.

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  15. I’m listening and it’s just as bland as you think it is. More bland than her first album.

    She better not dare release Thursday as a single.

    No One, Thursday, and Broken seem like they could be singles but there’s no real obvious single than Thursday’s Ed Sheeran buzz.
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  16. I'm amazed how she didn't evolve with her sound at all.
  17. Yay that's impressive! I don't have the strenght for this.
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  18. It's the new single dddd.
  19. This review is honestly gold.
    ooop the dragging.
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