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Jess Glynne - General Direness

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by swim, Jul 29, 2020.

  1. I still remember the few times I was in charge of the music on a Sunday somewhere, we were drinking and chilling, and bunch of Karens kept asking repeatedly to play Hold My Hand. Juck!
  2. I can vividly remember the Radio 1 Breakfast show in 2014 (?) the day after Madonna literally fell down the stairs and her cackling when it was mentioned. I frowned, especially as it came from another “performer” (obviously we all know I use that word loosely in Jess’ case).

    Anyway, I sometimes wonder how she feels in 2022 now that her entire career is figuratively crashing down those very stairs…
  3. Island

    Island Staff Member

    The Strawberry Fields intro literally being the most interesting thing she’s put her name into.

    Oh well.

    Remember to listen to Katy B!
  4. The thread title is tickling me.
  5. Oh my lord her cover of 'Break My Soul' is diabolical.
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  6. Me entering full-on stan mode back in early 2014 when we knew nothing about her and the only songs we had were “Rather Be”, “My Love”, and “Home” -

  7. Her cover of Break My Soul is foul.
  8. The way she warbles "brick" my soul. A plague.
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  9. No amount of exorcism can save this House.
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  10. Isn’t she just a product of industry nepotism anyway? I remember reading somewhere (here possibly), that her mum works in the music industry.
  11. That’s Sam Smith
  12. Can Beyoncé put an injunction on her Break My Soul "cover", or?
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  13. Oh
  14. I'm messing, they both had family in the industry or help starting off.
  15. I'm so proud of the fact that I went to see the Spice Girls on tour 4 times and didn't sit through her entire set ONCE.
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  16. Like Jessie J, if miss Glynne had an ounce of self awareness and humour about what a nightmare she is and why people find her irritating it'd actually be really camp, and would be fairly easy to stan. I can fully get behind popstars when they know what the tea is and can laugh at themselves.
  17. I feel like the name Jess(y) is such a curse in the popstar world. 3 of the most disliked artists on here all have this in common!
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  18. This is really saying something, but I'd take a Jessica Simpson comeback in preference to ever hearing another note from any of them.
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