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Jessica Andersson - Kalla Nätter

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jake, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Yes it is. She and he performed as solo artists at the Melodifestivalen this year and he got to the final.

    She should have done better but she looked like a blow up doll with an anxiety disorder which I think may have gone against her.
  2. Poor Jessica. The song was great! A real 80's electro schlager Lena-esque number but her performance wasn't the best. All that standing on a chair was rubbish, it was hardly 'cabaret' now was it? Me thinks that Magnus doubles as her security blanket which is why she looked so utterly terrified on stage. Nice hot pants though.
  3. Why were there no backing dancers?


  4. Not as daft as Hannah Graaf not having any for her song Naughty Boy. If they'd made that into a great big Austin Powers dance extravaganza, it would have won!
  5. Leksand:

    02: Jag Ljuger SÃ¥ Bra - Linda Bengtzing
    06: The Name Of Love - Magnus Bäcklund
    07: This Woman - Anna Sahlene
    08: Sing For You - Andreas Johnson


    10: Etymon - Sonya
    12: Idag & Imorgon - Kikki Danielsson
    14: Mi Amore - Velvet (I sort of liked it. She needs a better outfit next time)
    16: Lev Livet - Magnus Carlsson


    21: Kalla Natter - Jessica Andersson
    22: Night Of Passion - The Poodles
    24: Temple Of Love - Bodies Without Organs


    26: Evighet - Carola
    27: Jag Tar Det Jag Vill Ha - Sandra Dahlberg
    28: Like Fire Tonight - Gunther & The Sunshine Girls (Get rid of Gunther and it would have been alright)
    30: Under Your Spell - Evan (Would have been alright if he wasn't singing it)
    32: Mama Take Me Home - Rednex (I sort of liked this as well, but i couldn't make out what she was saying)

    I just got the DVD and i didn't realise how many songs i liked/are ok
  6. Not Hannah then? She was in my top 3. Well, 5. Well, 10.
  7. I thought it was dull. I agree with what you said, she should have had some dancers etc.
  8. Personally the Rednex sng made my ears bleed. They sounded like chipmunks on acid. And I couldn't figure out a word she was singing either. How they did so well I don't know...

    Even Kikki had dancers, but then she was also wearing a mumu, so we needed a distraction.
  9. I think she looks great - I can't keep my eyes off her legs... and the song's great too.

    Actually, I'm trying to find a CD single copy of this song (there is a 'singback' version on it) - but I can't seem to find it on cdon or pretty much anywhere else. Can any of you Swedish pop fans help me out - where should I (legally) look?

  10. I have the same problem, i can't get it anywhere.

    I have got Du får för dig att du förför mig though. Which i fantastic!

    I hope she does release the album...
  11. It's now out of stock with all the wholesalers I Know.
  12. Have a look here   for Jessica's new single... possibly...
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