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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Blayke, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. She's been announced as one of the featured artists in Tasman Keith's debut album, released on 7 July.
    ‘A Colour Undone’ tracklist:
    1. ‘Watch Ur Step’
    2. ‘Sharks’
    3. ‘Cheque’ (feat. Genesis Owusu)
    4. ‘Politics As Usual’
    5. ‘Find U’
    6. ‘Love Too Soon’
    7. ‘How 2 Leave’ (feat. Thandi Phoenix)
    8. ‘IDK’ (feat. Phil Fresh)
    9. ‘Proud’
    10. ‘Not 4 Safety’ (feat. Kwame)
    11. ‘5ft Freestyle’
    12. ‘Welcome Home’
    13. ‘Heaven With U’ (Feat. Jessica Mauboy)
    14. ‘Tread Light’

    Source: NME
  2. I hear something... and it slaps!
  3. Oh this is exactly what I need from Jessica.
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  4. Really liking the sound of the new song. Hope she has a album planned as well.
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  5. Holy crap I totally forgot to say I went and saw Jess for the first time on "The Boss Lady" tour where she played this song live and she was AMAZING.
    Vocals for DAAAAAAYS, choreography and just plain fun. I can only imagine what she could do with more support and bigger budgets.
    I hope that the "Boss Lady" intervals and instrumentals are actually a song because it's a serve and a half of attitude.
    New song sounds great and hopefully the album isn't far off either.
    Bring us more bops Jess.
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  6. I'm loving the sound of this!

    So glad that it looks like we are going to get some bops this time around, I didn't really vibe with Hilda.
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  7. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I can see Samantha Jade singing this too! Go and get it, Jessica!
  8. Everything sounds promising but I hate animated videos* - surely that would have costed more?

    *Only Viva Forever pulled that off.
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  9. Is the set list floating online correct?

    As the last run of

    Pop a bottle
    This ain't love
    Saturday Night

    Then an encore of We Got Love sounds iconic.
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  10. As far as I remember yeh this is correct. I LOST IT when "Up/,Down" started. The teenage girls next to me were so done with me by the end of the show but who goes to a pop concert and sits with their hands in their laps the entire time?
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  11. Ah I'm so jealous I haven't got to see this. (being on the wrong continent doesn't help). But especially when people are going and not living for the bops.
  12. But for real... that Genie avatar looks nothing like Jessica.
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  13. It seems to be a collaboration with a web3 company who does avatars, Genies.
  14. "Automatic" is here, y'all. Produced by Cosmo's Midnight and George Reid of AlunaGeorge fame. And it's a bop.

  15. Performance of “Glow” from The Voice:

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  16. Automatic is fabulous. The video is horrible though. This song is far too fabulous for that!
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  17. Still one of her best videos though.
    Wish there was a costume change for the 2nd dance sequence but beggars can't be choosers.
    At least it isn't her alone against a static back drop like a lot of her video videography.
  18. I won't be mad if she wants to reunite the Young Divas for some gay coins any time soon.
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