Jessica Mauboy - "Right Here Right Now" + General Discussion

I don’t like the cover of the single, it seems that it’s just a picture from world pride?

The song is okay…
Wonder if she will be performing it at Australian idol before it ends?
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"Right Here Right Now" is cute, but could probably use a remix to really come alive. I was surprised to see DNA co-wrote and produced this. There goes my theory that DNA had an exclusive contract as in-house producers for Sony Music Australia.

I don’t like the cover of the single, it seems that it’s just a picture from world pride?

Yeah, it seems like a backstage photo from World Pride. And as someone who wasn't a fan of the look on the night, I like it even less as a single cover.
Number 4 on New Music Friday AU NZ.

Surprised it's so high. Would have been number 3 if it wasn't for Taylor's release.

Not sure how much affect that playlist has. But I hope she gets a hit out of this.
I'm a little confused (and underwhelmed) by the strategy with this release. Announce weeks before release/debut the song at world price/wait weeks to release after debut/use photo from world pride performance as cover (would make more sense if the song were released directly after pride performance). The song also lacks the oomph of the live version. It' seems less dancey and shimmery than I thought it would be.
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She will be performing at the Australian idol final next week.

Also read that she is also going to be a judge on The Voice Australia again this year..
Oh Sis, the video is not it...
I almost would've rathered a live video with back stage/rehearsal footage of World Pride to this.

Jess has managed to avoid the Aussie Pop Girl curse for a long time but it seems to be catching up with her this time round sadly.

She is such a force when she performs so it's disappointing with the material doesn't back her up.
I noticed the single cover was changed and doesn’t even feature that picture of her at world pride anymore.

I’ve enjoyed the last 3 singles but feels like something is missing from them. I think she just needs a really good pop song to get the public interested again. Not even a performance on the Australian idol final could get the song to number 1 on ITunes which shows how much interest she is losing from the public.
There is a clip on the Australian Idol Instagram page which gives you an idea of what the whole performance was like.