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Jessica Pratt - Quiet Signs

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by backstreetjoe, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Her debut album is a bit of a cult classic. She's back with a new record 'Quiet Signs' next year and new song 'Poly Blue' is so lovely. One for fans of Joanna Newsom, Julia Holter and Marissa Nadler maybe? @Noir @Andy French @DarkSacoura @Kirkland @magictreehouse

  2. Oh, this album is going to be special.
  3. !!! I wasn't aware she had a thread here!
    Oh yes it will. It's starting to sound like a bigger event than On Your Own Love Again on the sense that singles are actually being put out, each one with great artwork/amazing black eyeliner, a video was made...and every song she's put out since This Time Around is stellar - hypnotic like her other songs but with a richer, expansive atmosphere. I've already insured my wig.

    She also did an interview for Fader!
  4. Aeroplane might be her best song yet holy shit.
  5. I adored her last album and got to see her live for that tour.
    About to dive into the new album, the new songs I've heard so far are stunning.
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  6. She did an AMA and it's really good! She gives some insight on the new and older tracks and answers all these random questions about anxiety, zodiac placements, suits, her fav Simpsons episode, what kind of eyeliner she uses (it's waterproof btw) and her favorite authors - she loves Capote, Baldwin, Didion & Eve Babitz. The lit taste jumped OUT.
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  7. Gorgeous album. It sounds like it's almost afraid to exist.

    What is she doing in the "Potential next big things" section though? She's 3 albums in and a critical darling.
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  8. Ooo, it's a bit of Loud City Songs + late Grouper albums and absolutely gorgeous.
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  9. It's the perfect late night listen through headphones when drifting off to dreamland. Quite brilliant.
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