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Jessica Simpson - New Studio Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by TasteIt, Mar 2, 2016.

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  2. Linda serving

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  3. Times must be tough for Linda. Isn't Jessica totally somebody she would've turned her nose up at 10 years ago?

    Also while I have a soft spot for Jessica, I've been putting updates on this "album" in her general thread because I'm not under the delusional it will actually materialize.
  4. I feel like if Jessica started in country she could've been huge. Like the country Britney but with her own. That way Swiftie would've just been a speck in the wind
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  5. Yeah, is a thread really needed for this? It's not like there will be a ton of interest in a new album from Jessica Simpson.

    That said, I love Jessica, her voice, and her music, so I'm perched for this. I hope she delivers something on par with In This Skin. Such a great album.
    I actually do think it will materialize. She managed to get out a second Christmas album, which nobody but me was checking for, so I have no doubt that she'll be able to push out a new studio album. And she's been talking about returning to music pretty regularly for the last year or so; she seems to be back in the zone, if you will.
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  6. Give me that Breathe In. Breathe Out. 1 album record deal comeback that I love!
  7. I'm so here for this. Give her those smashes Linda!
  8. I want an Ashlee duet.
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  10. If we have a thread for Kitty Brucknell, we can have a thread for a former Big Pop Girl (Late 2003- Mid-2004) like Jessica!
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  11. NO.

    I want an Britney duet.
  12. I'll take any new Ashlee music (even with her husband...) so yes, please.
  13. What we need is a reunion with former labelmate Beyoncé:

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  14. I want another one of this:

    Repeatability forever.
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  15. I get the vibe she's drugged out now, but I'm perched for this.
  16. I'd prefer Ashlee release something on her own. Make me wanna La La again, Queen.
  17. I definitely get those vibes from both her and Ashlee.
  18. Totally perched for this. Jessica was my first pop star obsession back when Irresistible came out. Would love to see her return to music, as long as it's not country...
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