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Jessica Wright - Dance All Night (Debut Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Betty, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. Of course she has. It was always going to be AATW. Do they have any decent popstars on their roster or is it all Jessicas and Tulisas? They should sign up Gemma from The Only Way Is Essex. I have no doubt AATW could turn her into a pleasantly plump disco diva just like Simon Cowell had in mind with Michelle McManus.
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  2. She can't even walk along that beach in rhythm.
  3. She can't dance at all. She seems really awkward in the video, I don't like her personality but the song is okay (very generic).
  4. The song is actually alright! There was a remix floating about that sounded really good too, in an Avicii/Calvin Harris tribute way.
  5. The new Madonna?

    I think so...
  6. Love! She has a great dance-pop voice, actually pretty decent. The production on this needs to be a lot harder. Something like this remix...
  7. Just found this yesterday. The whole thing is like budget Tulisa but strangely I really like it. The two guys dancing next to her on the beach are finalists from Britain's Got Talent.
  8. It could be worse. If Cheryl or Tulisa had recorded it, I'm sure people would be heralding it as the second coming of pop music.

    I just feel bad for her that the video is so cringe.
  9. Well, things usually are pretty cringe when AATW are involved.
  10. I think the chorus is a gorgeous melody, it sounds so familiar. I'm also shocked at how pleasant her voice is!
  11. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    If only MDNA had a track as good as this!
  12. Half a day later... this is my guilty pleasure. It is quite catchy and her voice is pretty good. God help me, I've had this on repeat.
  13. It's just so BORING. Between the asinine lyrics, the sub-Lisa Scott Lee video and the ridiculous dance routines, it should be split-your-sides-with-laughter terrible, but it doesn't even manage that. It just plods along until it ends, leaving no lasting impression whatsoever.
  14. I've been humming it all day. It's out now in remix form on Clubland 21, it's the most popular track on the album.
  15. It's quite all right, I think I'll have to download it. The video though, just... no.
  16. THAT video....
  17. The song is catchy its in my head.
  18. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    The chorus is glorious.
  19. #175 on iTunes. Smash.
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