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Jessie J - Domino

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. So wed a run of 5 Katy Perry's singles and now we have another one.
    Fuck you, Jessie J, I really tried to like you! But it seems like it is all about the money money money.
  2. I just heard this....and I thought it was a new Katy Perry song.

    I was surprised to find out it was Jesse J. She has talent, but like many Brit school alumni....she's extremely contrived. She picked a muscial identity out of a hat (Ri-ri/Gaga hybrid) and ran with it. When that didn't quite make the impact in America that it was supposed, they must have though "hey...Katy Perry has just had 5 #1s in America off the same album....let's make Jessie J into a Katy Perry clone".

    Never realised Jessie J was this cynical. It feels like a really grubby and desperate move, and I suspect even the Americans who love the Perry sound right now, will see this as the worst sort of bandwagoning imaginable. Jesse J just seems to change with the wind, or go with whatever is popular this month.

    I genuinely thought she had potential to be one of the few genuine UK "popstars" who could be a huge international act that could stand alongside the Rihanna's and the like, but somethings going wrong with her, despite the huge push and investment. She's basically PIxie Lott with a bigger promotional budget.

    I'm pretty sure she's going to decide she wants to be Adele next month.
  3. All I can say is...prepare for more clones like this. Everyone will start jumping on this bandwagon
  4. Oh hello katy perry.
  5. This is more boring than Price Tag and Price Tag is really really really boring.
  6. I still can't help but enjoy this song. She sounds great because she's not overdoing it (ca-ca-ca-cacacaacacacrazyzyzyzyz) and the lyrics are solid for a pop song. I do wish the production wasn't SO similar to the Katy Perry singles from Teenage Dream, but I'd like to see this become a hit.

    Still no word on what this is actually for?
  7. Jessie J has none of the likeability of Katy Perry. The Teenage Dream album's whiff of nostalgia ties in with Katy's quirkiness and her not taking herself too seriously. Jessie J can't mount that success with one copycat single, it's not going to work for her.
  8. I may be alone in saying this but I find Jessie J incredibly likable - her outfit choices as well as her personality both appeal to me very much. Most of Who You Are is shit, yes, but I'd gladly buy a nice tune like this from her.

    I think it sounds much more Calvin Harris than Katy Perry. There's no real checkbox for Katy Perry's sound anyway since all of her singles have been so different from one another lately.

    Edit: Oh, this is only her second US single? Smart move. Price Tag did pretty well with the radios and I think this song could really get her somewhere.

    Edit edit: Yep. Definitely wouldn't hear any Katy whatsoever if it wasn't suggested on here. They just have similar voices - You heard her do Firework at the VMAs? I thought Katy was performing until the showed Jessie.
  9. Hearing her do Firework was a moment where you thought, "Oooh so that's how it was meant to sound without autotune."

    Also, I'm in agreement - her YouTube videos, her interviews, her tweets; I think she's incredibly likable and sweet, but it's just her musical style isn't unique enough to be able to appreciate those aspects of Jessie J the artist.
  10. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I liked many of her VMA's performances (bar No Scrubs and she basically ripped Katy a new one with Firework) so I have hope that she will improve.

    She just needs to inject her personality into her music; it's all so lacking at the moment.
  11. She should've made an album full of Do It Like a Dude's. That song was pretty cutting edge in my opinion, bar the tepid lyrics. She has a great voice, she just needs to put it to better and less annoying ways. Who You Are, the song, is such a song too; is it ever gonna get released?
  12. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Added to the fact that she seems to love performing Do It Like A Dude live...she makes no sense!
  13. Me too! Except with stronger vocals. It's like Katy Perry 2.0
  14. I really like this. Better than her last two singles in my opinion. Still baffles me as to why Nobody's Perfect was ever a single!
  15. All true. I hope she continues with this pattern, and eventually goes on to show that Katy Perry is just merely good song writers while Jessie J is not only a great songwriter but is a fantastic singer as well. She just needs this mainstream sound to sell records.
  16. I only just realised this moved up from #12 to #5 on the official Australian charts, it's also doing pretty well on US radio. It's a hit!
  17. Has anyone seen the average ratings for her debut album? Part of me felt bad, but it's fully deserved.
  18. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Did this manage to debut on the Hot 100 the week of its release?
  19. It's doing well in Australia and in my opinion this will boost her chances on US radio. I would be surprised if it didn't do well, I mean it sounds like a Katy Perry song.
  20. Australia seems to have taken to Jessie quite a bit actually.

    I'm not sure how I feel about that!
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